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The Best Hug I've Ever Had

--by smoothsugardoll, posted Apr 14, 2008
When I was 9, my sister, two other friends and I used to go to local nursing homes to sing for the elderly on Sunday afternoons. 

One Sunday we went to see the elderly and a little lady was having her 102nd birthday party. 

The staff told us we had to leave because of the party.  The lady immediately said, "Oh no.  They are here to entertain my guests."  I'll never forget how important I felt that day -- entertaining her and her guests on her special day. 

A few months later she passed away.  Bless her heart for including us in such a glorious time.

When we had finished singing that day, she insisted we have a big piece of cake and punch. Then she gathered us each in her arms and hugged us.  I think that might have been the best hug I've ever had.  We were there to make her feel good but she made me feel good too.  I'll never forget that bright sparkle in her eyes when she called us her singing angels.
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spoonerism wrote: That's a lovely story! I'm sure the lady had no idea you were coming so you really were her singing angels sent to brighten up her 102nd birthday! My wife and i are taking a course in giving hand massage for the elderly in november. We're really looking forward to bringing some caring hands to people in our area! Love from london.
mpho koalepe wrote: What a special hug: i believe that the older you become, there more you think and act like a child again, so i could imagine how soft, warm and special the 102years old lady's hug could have felt like, i wished my parennts could have long life so i cud see their hair turns grey but unfortunately they have passed away in their mid forthy's
Deb wrote: And i do believe that we "entertain angels unaware"! The only meaning in our life is what we can do for others!
JazzyJean wrote: Aww. That was sooo sweet! In the old lady's heart and soul, you are part of her minstrels in heaven. God bless!
Aurelia wrote: God Bless You...You both received a special gift..didn't you. Smiles and happiness, thank you for taking time to remember those who need and deserve our compassion. :0) ~Aurelia
asianvia wrote: making other people feel important is is a great thing that money can't give that old lady the best gift she desire...God bless!!
blunt wrote: Great Story, I’m proud for you doing what you did, singing is good for the Soul. Our family goes every now in than to the Senior Home to sing for the Old. May God bless you.
smilecards08 wrote: ONE WORK- WOW
Rayann wrote: Beautiful story. Sometimes I think our the elderly are neglected like old socks. Hey they're people too! They were once like me, young, hopeful and full of dreams.

misskarla wrote: My sister and I just placed our Dad in a nursing home 3 months ago. Your kindness is very deeply felt. Thank You!
The people there light up just like little children on Christmas morning when you smile and say Hi! We can all do that much can't we? You all put nusing homes on your to do list and see for yourself. I am sure smoothsugardoll will never forget her visit. God Bless you sugar and thank you again for sharing.

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