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Yes, there are people who love their job!

--by alyssa, posted Apr 18, 2008
My ipod is in very sad shape right now so I called the Apple Support line and surprisingly, the lady I spoke with was wonderful. She was nice and informative.


I had to stay on the phone for an hour and a half, but while things were downloading etc. we chatted, and she was so pleasant. It just really makes me glad that there are people out there who love their job!
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jeri wrote: I often notice people in customer service are the best when they are able to put the shoe on the other foot. Everyone has to get help from customer service sooner or later. How wonderful to find someone who remembers how it feels to be the customer.
lovebug wrote: Are you telling me, you actually talked to a real live person and not a recording. Now that is indeed a miracle.
dancingDog wrote: Sometimes customer service people do go above and beyond and it is truly a wonderful thing to receive! I recently had a great experience with a travel agent who even followed up by email to see how the trip went!
JuneBug wrote: I'm glad Carrie treated you so well....An hour and a half is a long time! :}
brighteyes wrote: Try to find out who her supervisor is and let her know how helpful and wonderful Carrie is....she will be nicely surprised and motivated for future customers too!

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