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Colorful Postcards for Kids

--by sandyremillar, posted Jun 27, 2015
I sent out these postcards to terminally ill children today. If you have a chance, please do so as well. I am sure it supports not only the child but also the parents!

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kperrine wrote: So sweet! I'm sure the whole family loves knowing that so many care!
mish wrote: Beautiful artwork in your postcards .....bless
Mitalichawla wrote: will do if got chance and ty . postcards are colorful. love them. ♥
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful postcards with such a pesonal touch of loving concern, dear sandy :)). Thank you for being such a channel of Divine grace.
mummymunt wrote: This would be another great idea for my mum... Do you do this through a particular program, or just send them to your local hospital to be distributed? Would love to get involved in something like this...
melnotes wrote: Such a lovely kind act sandy xx

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