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Farewell to Good Neighbors

--by kiwicat, posted Jun 28, 2015
Our good neighbors sadly are moving away, and they've just finished packing their house up. I invited them for dinner tonight, as everything is packed up and ready to go.
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terre wrote: What a lovely gift you gave them, a home-cooked meal after they've had a day of packing. I hope you can stay in touch with them.
kjoyw wrote: Such a kind and generous thing for you to do. Sounds like you all are pretty close. Bet it's hard for them too. Blessings, kjoyw
verityngnosis wrote: Goodbyes are always hard. Hopefully you can stay in touch.
Mitalichawla wrote: :)) sweet of you kiwi cat. ♥ serve them your best. they should miss your meal after shifting to their new home
brindlegirl wrote: Such a heartfelt, thoughtful kindness and one I know they would have appreciated ♡
melnotes wrote: Lovely gesture kiwicat and enjoy the sunshine on the chilly days!
mish wrote: Lovely sharing ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Blessings to your dear neighbors as they begin a new path and to you, dear friend, as you greet new neighbors soon.

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