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Creating My Own Challenge

--by Minnow, posted Jun 30, 2015
I did my own 21-day challenge with a group of twelve friends. Every day, I created and emailed them a challenge for the day and encouraged them to share what they did with our group.

It was so fun hearing the different ways people completed their challenges. We agreed that being kind was something we all did every day, but mindfully fulfilling a challenge made it all the more special. One member is going to repeat all 21 challenges.
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SeaMar67 wrote: Wow, that is awesome. You go, minnow!
KindMyst wrote: Minnow that is a wonderful project you did with your friends and the challenge continues, Success!
SM2000 wrote: Such a lovely thing to do...Congratulations on bringing this to life with your friends
pyronik wrote: :-)
melnotes wrote: Well done!

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