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The Start to a Healthier Life

--by sandyremillar, posted Jul 4, 2015
Yesterday I was drinking my coffee at the deck when I saw my neighbor approach in her car. I greeted her and she told me she was on her way to a fast food restaurant to buy coffee. Her son had visitors and she did not want to disturb, so I offered a coffee and muffin and we chatted away enjoying the morning rays on my deck. After a long chat in which her health issues came up, I told her there are at least two things she can do to feel better: walk and eat healthy. She's a widow, lives in her son's basement and is in general alone. We were able to come up with a plan! She will start by watching me swim (since she does not like to get into the water). Eventually, I may encourage her to find a bathing suit (and go shopping with her if necessary). We will also start to go on walks around the neighborhood. Hopefully this is the start of a healthier life for the both of us!
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balou wrote: Sandy, this is really kind of you! Maybe the start of a new friendship?
pluto178 wrote: Thanks for being so of yourself and your own time is the most precious gift of all. x
mel37865 wrote: Great!
Mitalichawla wrote: you are doing a great job.. when she will accompany you she will get used to it easily.. very good sandy. am really happy.. :)
debbe530 wrote: Well done, Sandy. I know of so many women in this situation where either the "host" family ignores them or they do not want to be a "burden". The isolation - not to mention basement living - is so hard. I am grateful for my triplex "henhouse". Three women from 63 -70. We have our own units but support each other as needed.
mindyjourney wrote: Sounds like a lovely new friendship, dear sandy :))). Tx for taking the time to help guide neighbor into new healthier lifestyle.
mish wrote: Wonderful motivator & human you are!!!!!
xenahugs wrote: This is so tender and sweet. In addition to the swim, I love the steps towards connection being made. So touching. Thank you. <3
lizstevensart wrote: I love this post! Well done, Dear Sandy.
melnotes wrote: What a wonderful neighbour you are sandy, that is so lovely of you!

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