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Feelin' Groovy

--by SeaMar67, posted Jul 11, 2015
I love going to the grocery store now that I am constantly looking for opportunities to do small, spontaneous acts of kindness! There's always something, every single time! Today at the checkout counter I helped the woman in line behind me unload the many items in her cart onto the conveyor belt. She was very grateful as she had an infant strapped to her chest and two toddlers in tow. Smiles all around. As I exited the store, there was an older man standing out front playing a guitar and singing, of all songs, one of my very favorites -- Feelin' Groovy! It made me so happy that I stood there in the sun dancing a little, tapping out a rhythm on the side of my cart, and singing along. "Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the moment last..." When he finished the song, I clapped and reached into my change purse for some coins but he refused to accept any money and instead handed me one of his home-made CDs!  Kindness circles round and round :)
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HappyAOK wrote: What goes around comes around? Very nice!
mummymunt wrote: Awesome shopping trip! xo
kjoyw wrote: Wow! Wonderful story.
Gyrocloudy wrote: Oh WOW!! Music kindness!!!!
terre wrote: Show kindness, get kindness ... not always as fast as this ... but, hey, this is great!
pluto178 wrote: How lovely x
melnotes wrote: Great song, got me singing along!
Mish wrote: We have been incredibly gifted with a heightened "kindness consciousness" by belonging to this community & life is so transformed in lovely ways every day. Grateful.
kperrine wrote: I love the grocery store, too. I made friends with a woman who is wheelchair bound. We both mentioned how all the items we want are out of reach. I helped her navigate the store that day and got down all the things she needed. We went in line together and I helped her unload all bags into her car. I saw her a few other Monday evenings, which was her shopping day. Grateful to see her again!
mindyjourney wrote: Such a kindness force you are, my dear friend...feelin' groovy :))).

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