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River Kindness

--by SeaMar67, posted Jul 14, 2015
This afternoon we took Doggie down to the river for a swim : ) Our closest access point is a nice, rural spot maintained as a public boat ramp but with NO garbage cans : /  So every time we go there, I like to spend a bit of time collecting trash.

Today is the first time I remembered (hooray!) to bring a pocket knife so that I could cut free the yards and yards of fishing line dangling from tree roots along the river bank. The tangled mats of non-biodegradable plastic line (often with fish hooks and lead sinkers attached) are a hazard to wild waterfowl. What I collected today was just a small fraction of what is there, but it felt good to do!
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lindariebel wrote: There's a special place in heaven for those who care for our earth.
kiwicat wrote: Thats a great kindness. My hubby and i do beach clean ups when we walk our dog. I need to remember to bring a big rubbish sack. Its sad to see all the plastics that the sea animals have to contend with in their environment.
pyronik wrote: indeed - thank you
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for your kindness preparedness :))))). Changed from fishing line (as hanger for origami doves) to cotton cord because some members where hanging outside.
mish wrote: Thank you for doing that !! Bless x
sandyremillar wrote: thank you for your kindness....
melnotes wrote: Wonderful clean up! Thankyou for your kindness xx
terre wrote: Thank you for this kindness!
pluto178 wrote: Shame on you fishermen.......the first day of moving into a new house I spent wading in the pond cutting away netting from fish that had been caught up and entangled in plastic which is laid with ridiculous to lay plastic netting with will never happen again.... but what a way to learn. x

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