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Neighbourly Kindness

--by kiwicat, posted Jul 17, 2015
My husband and I are both under the weather with winter colds. My lovely neighbour (who's own dog passed away in March) offered to take Roux for an afternoon walk and is picking her up and taking her to the harbourside for a walk! I'm so very grateful for her kindness!
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mish wrote: A beautiful win/win...helps you out & gives her some sweet dog time . Feel better soon.
brindlegirl wrote: How sweet and kind is that of your neighbor ♥
KindMyst wrote: Goodness for all.
terre wrote: Kindnesses for all of you, especially Roux. Get well soon.
melnotes wrote: That is lovely kindness kiwicat! Hope you feel better soon xx
pluto178 wrote: Thats so thoughtful x
drishti wrote: :) get well soon both of u
mindyjourney wrote: I remember your dear neighbor's dog passing. How very kind of neighbor. Blessings of better health for you and husband.

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