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The Mystery Gardener

--by bibirose, posted May 13, 2008

Sometime back our lawn mower broke down beyond repair. We got someone to mow the lawn for us from time to time but that was getting a little costly.  Then a young boy used to come down to our house every so often to do some odd jobs to save up for a bike, so we gave him the job of mowing the lawn with his mum's permission & lawn mower!  But, being young, the boy had more interesting things to do, especially after he saved up enough money to buy himself a new bike!  

As the days went on, our lawn was getting longer & longer, even with the drought. The other day I went out to the front garden & I couldn't believe my eyes -- the lawn had been mowed!  I reckoned it was our kindly neighbour, but when my hubby went to thank him, he said it wasn't me.  So, it remains a mystery who was behind this anonymous act of kindness. I truly love those kinds of mysteries...

To all of you mystery helpers around the globe, bless you with love, joy, peace & everything else.

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chzmzati wrote: wooooow!!!!!!!
Norman wrote: Just confirms the adage, what goes around comes around. Being kind to one another surely never hurts.
Thanks for sharing
whatthe wrote: Aw, I just read this and was wondering if you ever found out who it was? How lovely! xxx
Kirsten wrote: "HOW NICE"!
star wrote: i love it! I love helping others, and im unable to mow my OWN yard! what a blessing that had to have been! Bless you, whoever and wherever you are and youre welcome to visit MY YARD anyday! lol, ill fix you some nice cold lemonade or iced tea...and a meal. :) lol
akbj wrote: Great story about a wonderful kindness shown to you. God bless you & your mystery mower!
Rick Brooks wrote: Like the guerilla gardeners and "Gardening Angels..." I've wanted to secretly plant tulip bulbs in relatively unobtrusive spots in people's yars before winter and watch the homeowners be surprised in the spring. It's a question of tresspassing, one might suppose, but it might be an interesting experiment. Surprise, surprise!
YorkieMomX4 wrote: It is nice to see some of God's angels at work here in the world...just when you start to think the world couldn't get much worse, He sends us a helping hand!
warmth wrote: yes sometimes mystery or surprises r healthy and overwhelming :)
Mandii79 wrote: That's just so nice of whoever did that for you. I'm happy for you that there was someone nice enough to help out without needing thanks!

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