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Grocery fatigue!

--by mindyjourney, posted Jul 20, 2015
The grocery cashier looked a little frazzled. Seems she works 7 days a week at 2 jobs. Gave her a just purchased lottery ticket with my best wishes :).

Blessings of rest and good fortune for all who work so tirelessly.

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carolec wrote: She must have loved that you noticed her and cared enough to connect with her in such a fun way.
pluto178 wrote: This is such a great thing to do xxx
Mish wrote: Wow...7 days/2 jobs...heavy load there. Shining light x. Thank unique for shining yours for her , dear twinnie . x
Mitalichawla wrote: you beleive in lotteries. .. I havnt bought yet. bt I am lucky in these games. so buy one on my name next time.. your ticket in my name if you got the price. I would be happy.. ♥
terre wrote: Oscar Wilde is right!
KindMyst wrote: You never know when Lady Luck will strike. You are just so gifted in gifting.
brindlegirl wrote: You would have made her day, week, year with that kindness!
sandyremillar wrote: amen!!! wishing all workers equilibrium in their lives between work and play.....

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