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From a Child to the "People Without Houses"

--by paganmum, posted May 18, 2008

About a year ago, I was packing to move myself and my son in with my fiance and his daughter.  My son was finally weaning off baby foods, so as I was packing up the kitchen things, I packed up his old baby food. My step-daughter came into the kitchen to see what I was doing. When she saw me packing up her little brother's food, she squealed!  Why was I taking away all his food???!!!

I laughed and told her that her little brother was big enough now to eat big people food, just like she does. I then told her that I was going to give all his jars of baby food to the shelter up the street. I explained that some people don't have jobs, clothes, food or houses and that she and her brother were very lucky that her Daddy and I make enough money to give them all those things.

"Some people don't have all the things you do, so I'm giving your brother's baby food to them, so that they can feed their little kids," I told her.  She was surprised that there were children that didn't have houses. She thought everyone had a house.  We dropped the food off, and thought that was the end of it.  But we were wrong.

Last week, we were sorting through both the kids' clothes and putting all the ones that didn't fit them anymore into a pile.  My step-daughter pulled me aside at the end, and said, "Can we put these in a box?"  "Sure honey, then what?" I asked her.  "I want to give my clothes to the people without houses," she told me in a 'matter of fact' tone.

I almost cried!!! She went on to repeat all the things I'd said to her a year ago.  She talked about how lucky she was that Daddy and I make enough money to give her all the things she needs and that some kids' parents can't, so they needed her old clothes to keep them warm!  My heart melted, and I hugged her so hard she had to tell me I was squishing her!!

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Ramanand Kowta wrote: Great! Reminds you of'i cried for a new pair of shoes till i saw a girl with no feet! '
jane ndungu wrote: Thats very encouraging it teaches alot,what we impact in our kids matters alot. Lets all emulate that good example
philip wrote: I am so glad to read you are the best example to all of us.
firecrystals wrote: I am glad that you are passing on such values to your children. This is what every family should be doing.
jojomcb wrote: out of the mouths of babes. they teach us so much.............
Aurelia wrote: Yes they are always watching and you did great job teaching her to share :0) ~Aurelia
chzmzati wrote: god bless you and you kids.
you are such a good example.
god bless you
nishachara wrote: childern teach --------- always
keshavarao wrote: "children do what they see" i have seen this
qote i think this is one of the best living example , your are exellent role model for.......
PraveenY wrote: this story opens up our eyes to help others, as long as we live.

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