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From a Child to the "People Without Houses"

About a year ago, I was packing to move myself and my son in with my fiance and his daughter.  My son was finally weaning off baby foods, so as I was packing up the kitchen things, I packed up his old baby food. My step-daughter came into the kitchen to see what I was doing. When she saw me packing up her little brother's food, she squealed!  Why was I taking away all his food???!!! I laughed and told her that her little brother was big enough now to eat big people food, just like she does. I then told her that I was going to give all his jars of baby food to the shelter up the street. I explained that some people don't have jobs, clothes, food or houses and that she and her brother were very lucky that her Daddy and I make enough money to give them ... Read Full Story >>

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Spreading Joy in the Workplace

I send an email to all my co-workers every day titled, "A Story to Brighten Your Day."
Every morning, I choose one of the many stories I find on this web site and copy and paste it into an email. I then send the email to all my co-workers in the small company where I work. I always write a note, wishing every one a happy day, and ask them to let the story inspire them to do something kind for someone.
The first time I sent out the email, I was sure I'd be asked not to send anymore, thinking it might be a nuisance or distraction to some. But no! Everyone loved the story, and asked me to send another. So I did. To this day I've sent out over a hundred stories. And I never seem to have difficulty finding one that touches my heart. Thank you all for posting such wonderful stories about the recent acts of kindness you've either done, seen, or received. They inspire me to do more. And my co-workers say thank you as well.

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Carrying a Neighbors Boxes

   This morning as I was coming to work, (on time for once!!!!) I saw the lady that works next door to us in the plaza where my office is located.  She was carrying in box after box after box from her car.

   As she went inside with yet another one, I started walking over to her door. When she came outside, I had a big grin on my face, and a box in my arms.  "Need some help?" I asked her.  "Oh! Well, thank you," the woman said.  "No problem. I just saw you struggling with all these boxes.  I couldn't resist the chance to help someone in need," I said, grinning wider.

   The woman smiled in thanks, and I helped her carry the remainder of the boxes into the store.  When we were done, she told me to have a nice weekend, and I told her the same.

   At lunch, I left a smile card on the windshield of her car. :)

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