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Gifts for My Birthday

--by mindyjourney, posted Aug 1, 2015
At home all day today because of car getting serviced provided me with great opportunity for some birthday kindness :)).

Collected various household items, foodstuffs, books and clothes to item for each year of my birth! (Don't try and count! A few items are hidden...)

Bringing them to the appropriate donation locations tomorrow <3.

Truly a joy to be here another year on this wonderful Earth! Blessed and grateful.

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adrianeden1 wrote: Happy birthday mindy, and this just reminds me of what a special and loving person you are.
Rick Mackey wrote: Happy birthday beth, and thanks for making this big blue marble a better place by being on it hon :-)
AnnC wrote: Happy belated birthday. That was a wonderful way to celebrate and share the joy!
kiwicat wrote: Happy Birthday!! what a great collection of things to give away. I hope you have many blessings on your special day.
terre wrote: I give things away on my birthday too. It's a lot of fun! Ejoy!
pluto178 wrote: Happy Birthday Mindy have a much deserved wonderful day x
mish wrote: So you, dear sweet twinnie :))))))))))

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