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Winter Food Drive

--by kiwicat, posted Aug 23, 2015
I stopped in at the supermarket to get a few things and there were two ladies collecting food for a winter food drive for a charity. I bought a few cans of food and two chocolate bars, which I handed to them and thanked them for spending time in their weekends collecting for those in need. They both smiled and thanked me and said it was just what they needed. Before KS I wouldn't have done that, and now I'm brave enough for personal greetings and eye contact :-)
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mindyjourney wrote: KS is a transformative space, my friend :)). Double kindness in giving to food drive and the givers!!! :))))
debbe530 wrote: Kiwi, we have a wonderful organization here called the Portland Food Project. They have neighborhood coordinators Those who want to participate are given a reusuable green bag and asked to add one nonperishable item each time they shop. Every two months the full bag gets picked up and an empty one is left. What they collect goes to at least 19 diferent food banks so they can count on a steady supply every two months. And for me it's a way to help that doesn't require extra energy which I sometimes do not have.
debbe530 wrote:
pluto178 wrote: Well done x
melnotes wrote: Awesome kindness kiwicat and yes ks sure has taught me to open my heart and be more giving in ways I would never have thought of, it's amazing!

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