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Gifted the satellite TV installer a rose

--by mindyjourney, posted Aug 25, 2015
Gifted the satellite TV installer a rose from my birthday dozen.

Gave it to him in a vase with a little bow, along with a few origami peace doves.

He got the goofiest grin on his face as he smiled a thank you, holding that vase like he had never gotten a gift of a rose before :).

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RoseMarie wrote: What a great person you are x
tobysmom wrote: I'm sure he's still talking about it :)
lizflintsoms wrote: Love this!
kayakin4peace wrote: That is a beautiful way of passing beauty on~ what a thoughtful thing to do!
melnotes wrote: What a beautiful rose to gift! So lovely Mindy and with the doves as well :) What a great first post to read xx
Brindlegirl wrote: Men deserve roses too and aren't given them enough. Bless you Mindy and your kindness ♥♥♥
pluto178 wrote: I bet he hasn't I just hope he doesn't try to return later lol x
SM2000 wrote: lovely
drishti wrote: Wounderfull mindy :))
Mitalichawla wrote: awesome. .. ♥

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