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Here's My Afternoon's Craft ...

--by KiwiCat, posted Sep 8, 2015
Here's my afternoon's craft work. Inspired by Brindle's words of love and inspiration to others, and Mindy's beautiful bookmarks, I thought I could make cards. The birthday ones are being posted to my friend in California who gives them to old folks in a nursing home she supports. The others will be as the spirit guides me :-)

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pluto178 wrote: Gee well done you have a gift there in more ways than one...I feel a new career coming on. x
Brindlegirl wrote: Oh my Kiwi they are honestly incredible. You have a skill indeed ♥
melnotes wrote: How wonderful! Lovely creativity in your craft and then sharing with others xx
Mish wrote: They look beautiful! Kudos. I so admire the crafters here.
KindMyst wrote: So pretty. The recipients of these lovely cards will be delighted.
mindyjourney wrote: such lovingly crafted cards! Well done, my friend :)))
savraj wrote: Wow! Those are absolutely gorgeous! You have a great talent!
kmbhai wrote: Good !! Creative work .....
Novice50 wrote: Beautiful and kind! Well done!
terre wrote: These are wonderful, Kiwicat! Great work! And they will be spread around to folks who will love them!

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