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Pyjamas For Kids In Need

--by kiwicat, posted Sep 7, 2015
I just had a phone call from my best friend. She bought 50 pairs of winter pyjamas and asked me where to drop them off!! We support our local church foodbank so they will find families in need of pjs for their children. She has a good heart.
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vanna wrote: Galing nyo gumawa. Astig. Eh di wo. ! Why are you using english word?

FairyBubbles wrote: That is a lovely thing to do. So many people will be so much happier.
alisamom wrote: That is wonderful! Your friend will make 50 families very happy this winter
savraj wrote: Oh that is so heartwarming. You and your friend have such kind hearts.
Novice50 wrote: and she has a good friend! Such kindness, especially for the children.
Brindlegirl wrote: Wow. 50 pairs! Not one but 50!!!
mish wrote: Awesome!!
mindyjourney wrote: Wow!!! that's a lot of jammmies! Many thanks to your friend :))
kjoyw wrote: 50 pairs is just amazing! And lots of needy kids get donations of clothes to wear to school and/or play in, but not often pj's. And kids just love pj's. What a wonderfully kind thing for her to do and a very kind thing for you to help her get them to where they are most needed.
melnotes wrote: Wow thats awesome of your friend! Wonderful giving!

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