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Childhood Memories of Helping the Elderly

--by ruru, posted Jun 22, 2008

My first memories of acts of kindness are from when I was about 12 years old. I always helped out at home and with friends. It just came from within me I guess.

When I was a kid, I noticed that many elderly people had difficulty getting to the grocery store after a snow storm. It started with one person and kind of grew. I would spend part of a snowy Saturday knocking on apartment doors to ask if anyone needed anything from the store. The grocery store was down a huge hill and I would bring back a couple of bags of groceries for them. I liked it and it made them so happy.

My friends in the building asked what I was doing and after a while a couple of them joined in and it became a routine. I never asked or took money for the errand. Sometimes the ladies would slip the change in my pocket. I would just buy something the next time to give to them, like flowers or a card. I did this every winter up to when I left to go to college.

When I was away at college, many of these people would go up to my mother and ask how I was doing. My mom didn't always know who they were. It was through those conversations that she learned about what I used to do for them -- I never told her.

It started when I was 12 and continues today. Now, I'm a teacher and teaching my students the art of true kindness. I orginally wrote this for my profile, but my mom said why not share it with everyone. I'm still doing things anonymously when I can. I hope this inspires younger people and older alike.

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xinchengyin wrote: Your mother is your first teacher.

You are your students' best teacher.

Two women are making joint efforts to shape a much warmer and more harmonious society. You and your mother alike deserve respect from your fellow teachers
shashi wrote: it is a great and nice story
arnee wrote: Thank you for sharing. :) You are truly an inspiration. Congratulations for being the perfect example! You started at a very young age. You are exactly what is all about.
ruru wrote: i must tell others about this is it ok with you first, the reason i am asking is becaues you are just an insperation to me and your student council members
AURELIA wrote: I think we should call you the "Kindness Guru"....
At the young age of 12 doing such an unselfish act, getting others to join in and never are awesome. Keep Inspiring us and we look forward to hearing what your class of students have been up to. ~Aurelia
brighteyes wrote: Ru:
Thanks for sharing your story....I believe were are born pure and that kindness is natural...all of us especially parents, family, teachers, etc should continue to instill and reward kindness so it continues thru started young.

Standing ovation, Brighteyes ;)
JuneBug wrote: Even when you were 12, your heart was bigger than yourself. I can tell it still is!!!
jacq wrote: What a great kid you were what a great Teacher you are!
lmil1954 wrote: Oh, bless your heart! That is such an awesome story. You are an imitator of our Great Lord, Jesus christ! I am SO happy and HONORED to know you! LindaM:)

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