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Helping an injured person

--by kmbhai, posted Sep 21, 2015
Yesterday,  I got an opportunity to help an injured neighbor. his right leg was injured with some major infection. I took him to hospital and discussed with Doctor for his treatment. Doctor advised him for proper treatment and to rest for long time. I also bought medicines for him. Now he is taking rest and proper treatment.

Thanks to all of for teaching me kindness !!!

Blessings ........
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FairyBubbles wrote: That was a beautiful thing to do.
ann51marie wrote: Thank you for sharing your story. Your neighbor is blessed to have you in their life! Blessings
drmatthewsusa wrote: People who are ill or in pain often have trouble dealing with our medical systems. Having an advocate is hugely valuable and important. Thank you for this caring act!
pluto178 wrote: The kindness was within you and is now coming out.....nothing to do with us...........this is kindness magnified for me because it is useful kindness..........required help and you have given it well done. x
melnotes wrote: Thankyou for helping out, awesome kindness!
debbe530 wrote: Well done, you! A beautiful, and perhaps, lifesaving act of kindness.
mindyjourney wrote: It is you that teaches us kindness, my friend. Blessings of healing for injured laborer. thank you!

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