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"What Color is the Sky?"

--by cassie_wright133, posted Jul 22, 2008

   I go to a private girls school which is filled with daughters of doctors and lawyers.   We are all very privileged teens.  It is always strange for me when i see those around willing to give to a worthy cause, or even to show thanks for the world around them.

   I always make a point of trying to see the beauty in life, especially the sky.  The sky is such an amazing sight, and so big but we never seem to notice it.  Once I was eating lunch with my friends and I was staring up into the sky on a wonderful sunny day. My friend asked me what i was doing and i said, "I just can't get over how blue the sky is." My friends all looked at me like I was crazy.  Later that day we had just finished a math test and my friend was stressing over questions for which she hadn't known. the answers. I turned to her and said,  "Clare, what color is the sky?"  It made her smile.

   Since that day, whenever either one of us is stressing out or not taking in the beauty around us, we just say, "What colour is the sky?"

   At school i'm known throughtout all the years as the 'chocolate girl' because I  always have a large bar of chocolate with me, which i share with anyone who looks like they need it.  When people are upset or stressed they often come up and ask for chocolate. This costs me very little a week and I love sharing this with people.

   Some days I buy simple soft toys and carry them around in my pockets. if anyone I see looks unhappy i will give them a soft toy or some chocolate, and it brings a simile to their face.

   It's amazing all the little things we can do to help each other day.  

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power2peaceful wrote: Beautiful! The sky is the most gorgeous mystery of all.
cabbage wrote: I feel privileged to meet a fellow "sky-gazer"....good for you for sharing the joy with others (and chocolate too!) :-)
Many blessings to you....
grammagussie wrote: Clever idea to keep chocolate or toys to defuse stress. We all need a reminder to "don't sweat the small stuff...'
Have a blest day..
SANYOGITA wrote: THANKS 4 sharing ur exp.Ur very intelligent,clever and a very kind hearted girl.If d new generation thinks like u we won`t have any more tears n sadness.

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