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Simple But Profound Acts Of Love

--by RoseMarie, posted Oct 6, 2015
I love Mother Theresa. I have read a lot about her but want to share a story about her that made a massive and everlasting impression on me. Mother Theresa and her nuns used to go into the streets of Calcutta to tend to the poor. If a nun was having an off day (they too have their off days which surprised me but shows they are only human ) she would not let them go out to minister as she felt their passion and dedication was not strong enough. Anyway, one day she and her team brought a man home from the gutters. It took them 3 hours to clean the worms off him, I still can't get my head round this! 3 hours for a team to clean worms off him, I don't think I'll ever get my head round this! When the man was clean he thanked them and joyfully and tearfully said he had spent all his life living in the gutters like an animal and now he was ready to meet his God. Wow! How's that for an act of humility and kindness - making someone feel they are now worthy of meeting their Maker? Is it any wonder her face radiates? It didn't cost money just love, which is actually more important than money and actually costs more to the giver. What humility! What a simple act! How could you ever thank someone who has prepared you to meet your God? So my friends, our kindnesses don't have to be materialistic just loving. Bless you all for all you do for others.

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savraj wrote: Thankyou for this beautiful story. I'm really quite speechless. ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful share, my friend <3. Such love and joy radiates from her face and her life's work. Thank you.
KindMyst wrote: Kindness is never material as you point out. It's currency lives in our hearts.
splain wrote: Lovely story and just I think the love we give is making life better. Mother Theresa, what a gal
pluto178 wrote: She is one of the wonders of The World.........if reincarnation exists she is without doubt Mother Mary who will continue to be born on Earth until women are treated as amazing is that. x
melnotes wrote: Wonderful blessings! Thank you :)

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