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Loaded A Few Quarters ...

--by mindyjourney, posted Oct 8, 2015
Loaded a few quarters in gumball machines (and even a mechanical "horse" ride) today while walking in a nearby tourist town.

Love to think of the kids surpirse when they discover the kindness of an anonymous quarter :).

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MeMyselfI wrote: That is a realy cool idea!
melnotes wrote: This is such a great idea!!!
pluto178 wrote: Now that is fun I love it. x
splain wrote: Great idea. a lot of kids will love this one
mish wrote: Cool, twinnie!! Dentists love you :)))))) lol lol
Mel37865 wrote: So sweet!
Brindlegirl wrote: Awesome idea. So awesome I'm going to steal it ;-)
Novice50 wrote: fun!
kiwicat wrote: Lol, LeoLady... that's so funny!
leoladyc728 wrote: Did you take a ride on the horse? I would have.

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