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Doing Unto Others As They Have Done Unto Me

--by theresa, posted Aug 11, 2008

Being disabled, I sometimes have trouble walking and standing in lines.  I have some kind of a movment disorder that makes me start shaking and sometimes causes me to fall.  There have been times that I have been in line at the grocery store and my legs are ready to give out.  I usually ask the person in front of me if its okay that I go in front of them because of my problem.  They can see that I'm not well and let me go first.  I know that I have held them up because it will take me longer to pay but they don't seem to mind.

On my good days, I like to let people go in front of me if they are elderly or disabled or only have a few items.  I feel it is the least that I can do to say thanks for all the times people have let me through to the front.  Why hold them up when I feel good and have more items than them.

It makes me feel good to give back what others have done for me. Thank you for letting me share this with you.  Just wanted to let you know that there are nice people everywhere.

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servoadmin wrote: You are pure and have a good heart man...
lmil1954 wrote: You are kinder than kind. You know that when you give it comes back to you. God bless your loving heart! LindaM:)
dancingDog wrote: There ARE nice people everywhere - and you're one of them! Thank you for reminding us of an important reason to be kind to others :D
JuneBug wrote: Awwww1 You are so special! Even when you feel you can't do good, it comes up from the heart! :}
Clueless wrote: That's really sweet!
And yes, I totally agree that there are nice people everywhere.
AURELIA wrote: Theresa...You are sweeter than sweet. I'm so glad there have been understanding people who hellped you out and you did the same on your good days for them. :) A great story, really. :) ~Aurelia
Raqui wrote: I do the same thing and i think that kindness is returned to you and you deserve it Hugs Raqui
brighteyes wrote: There are kind, considerate and compassion people around world....glad you have some while shopping...will all here do kindness and what comes around goes around, though maybe thru a different RAOK. I am glad your diability does not keep you from going out and about....good for you!!! ;)

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