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Contagious Kindness in a Grocery Line

--by megs, posted Aug 22, 2008

It seems as if most of us hate to stand in long lines.  Yesterday, there was a long line at the grocery store.  I decided to let the couple behind me go ahead of me. They were very surpised and thankful!  Others that noticed seemed to relax a little more and become more friendly-- smiling and nodding.  Even the cashier seemed to relax, and enjoy the moment, as she noticed.  Kindness really is contagious!!  I've decided to let someone go in front of me at least once a week when I'm standing in line,  as it is also good practice for patience.

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SANYOGITA wrote: Its true the happiness you receive after reaching to unreached cannot be described in words.Yesterday,I went to some occasion.I was waiting in a food counter line for a long time.When my chance came I just old man to move forward.He smiled n said Thank U.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That's great Megs! Every little thing matters which makes them not little things anymore!
laurina wrote: Great idea for creating a chain of kindness!
AURELIA wrote: A wonderful commitment to make....I look forward to hearing about them. I was at Sears and had so much things, I let the person behind me scoot in front of me! Let keep trying. :) ~Aurelia
AURELIA wrote: Megs, Are you left handed? (: or just artistic? ~Aurelia
JuneBug wrote: Megs, Helping others can become a wonderful habit! Good post!!! :}
Raqui wrote: Wonderful Meg I also do that and it is nice that something so simple can mean so much :) Raqui
warmth wrote: Great going mEgs.
lmil1954 wrote: It really is the small stuff that makes a HUGE difference. Thanks, megs. LindaM:)
brighteyes wrote: Good suggestion....I never thought of making a committment to let someone go ahead of me each week...though that is a great, simple RAOK that anyone can do and cost nothing ...just a little time!
Kudo's Meg!!!!! ;)

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