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Even Ants Need Kindness

--by kmbhai, posted Oct 22, 2015
Today I met with a very unique person who spreads food for the ants to eat. Every morning he walks for 5 to 10 km to feed ants.

I am very impressed by him. I think he is a very kind person and want to salute to him for his kind work.

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Jessica wrote: Thank you for sharing! I usually 'see' ants too and i'm often embarrased if i take any action for them in public (but i do it anyway). For example, this summer i while on holiday in greece i passed a bowl of water that somebody had filled for the stray cats and dogs, but it was very close to an ants nest and they were an masse drowning in it :(. I tipped it and put it down near the next tree. Every life you save is precious to the owner <3
seamar67 wrote: Brings to my mind a lyric in "grateful" one of nimo's amazing songs. "you're the ants on the ground, the miracles all around. " bless.
MeMyselfI wrote: That is such a nice way to live!
mish wrote: _/\_
RoseMarie wrote: Salute to you and to him x 💓
alisamom wrote: Wow, what an incredible act of kindness
AndiCas wrote: That's very impressive.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for sharing this kind man's acts with us, my friend. Blessings to him and to the ants he cares for <3.
terre wrote: Thank you for sharing this story.
splain wrote: That is called seeing the smallest of us and doing

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