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Thanking An Anonymous Angel For Helping A Loved One In Distress

--by seamar67, posted Nov 1, 2015
Thank You, Universe, for sending an anonymous angel to safeguard my beloved father when he was lost in the midst of an episode of panic and confusion. Dear, dear angel, I don't even know your name. You saw my father's distress, you stopped your car on a busy street and convinced him to accept a ride and worked with him until he had calmed enough to describe the place he was trying to get to (another family member's house) and stayed until they answered the door. I can never, ever thank you enough for your kindness. I can only pay it forward. I WILL.
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susannahacworth wrote: Shopping for some specs with my daughter yesterday in poundland, the angel at the checkout. Did she smile, and wasn't she just so lovely. A few minutes later my daughter happened to go to the same checkout. When we were walking away from the shop, she said to me how lovely the checkout 'girl' was. I had to go back and tell her. She was radiant with delight and surprise, and i felt so wonderful to have been touched by such an angel!
brad2 wrote: Angels are awesome. My similar experience went like this, i had gone to vancouver island to look for my two nieces after my older brother had passed away as they couldn't make it to the funeral. As we got to nanaimo terminal, looking for a cab, we couldn't find one, and this lady came out of nowhere. Her name was angel, she gave us a ride to the cab place, waited until a cab showed up, told us the best places to go, she was a lot of help, i thanked her from the the bottom of my heart and blessed her. We all need an angel once in a while.
kiwicat wrote: What an angel!! Im glad your Dad is safe now x
splain wrote: So lucky that he was helped. What a lovely person to help your dad. There are some lovely people out there and after a time on KS good things happen.
Tien wrote: I love to know that there is not even a single moment when angels aren't right here comforting, listening, guiding us and that they come in so many forms, even as inspiring thoughts or added confidence, as well as people who are kind to us in ways that touch our hearts.
Mish wrote: Had similar experience with my Mom many years ago. A roadside angel rescued her too. Glad your Dad is safe & sound, SeaMar . Bless you both & bless his Angel.
savraj wrote: This is beautiful. Thankyou. I'm sure one day you'll be able to pay it forward. In fact you already have by sharing this story.
kjoyw wrote: My Dad had similar thing happen to him about a month before lhe was diagnosed with dementia. He was still driving, though he shouldn't have been, and was headed to our house. He made it to our neighborhood but couldn't find our house. Some angel neighbors a block or so away (that we did not know) guided him here, because he could remember what the flowers on our front porch looked like. Will always be so very grateful for those angel neighbors.
Novice50 wrote: Blessings to all - may we all be safe
KindMyst wrote: So glad your dad was being watched by Good Samaritan. We all need good people like this.

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