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Service With A Smile at the Sprint Store

--by yoyo, posted Sep 26, 2008

Yesterday I upgraded my cell phone at the Sprint store and got the new Rumor.  I love it.  While I was standing there, I was thinking to myself, "These people are providing GREAT customre service, I wish I could tip them or something."  I was so geeked about my new phone, it didn't even dawn on me that I could tip them with a smile card and some cash and say "Go get yourself a coffee or something."  

But another very happy customer in the store did it for me by leaving $5 on the counter.  The employee said, "Sir, we can't accept tips," and the customer responded, "I'm not taking it back, it's yours!."

So, like Wonder Woman, I swooped over and said, "Here, have one of these!" and I whipped out a Smile card.  I handed the card to the other customer and said, "Give them this. It's an experiment in anoymous acts of kindness. If they can't take your $5, they can take this card and do something nice for someone else and pay it forward!"

I felt like the Pied Piper!  You should have seen the way everyone swarmed up to me.  The other customer was stoked, the Sprint employee was stoked, and the store manager even came over to me to ask what it was about and asked for two of my smile cards.  Then another Sprint employee in the store came over to read one of my cards and then asked if he could have one.  So, that makes 4 smile cards that are going to "keep on spreading smiles."

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Firecrystals wrote: That was terrific. Can someone tell me where to get smile card?
princess wrote: Do to others what you would also like them to do to you. I think thats good of you. I actually think it doesnt cost anything for you to just appreciate by giving a very simple smile which actually covers alot and tells alot about who the real you is.

StarBrite wrote: Great! Wonderful. I cold feel the excitement you caused at sprint! Smiles are contagious. I hope we do get to hear from one of them! Cool! ~starbrite
warmth wrote: Absolutely cool :)
eriberri wrote: Can someone please tell me what a smile card is? I'm writing from australia and have never heard of them. Thanks e
ieiblue wrote: Good job yoyo! :p
sonrisa wrote: Hi eriberri,
This link will tell you all about what a smile card is:
Http://www. Helpothers. Org/cards. Php
jieun wrote: How can i help people?

Please send back a mail!
BJ_Sprint wrote: That is wonderful to hear that you had such a great experience in one of our stores. We have been focusing a lot of our energy in revolutionizing the way we conduct customer service so it is great news to hear that our staff is already exceeding expectations.

If you have any questions about your rumor, please let us know and we’ll make sure everything is set up just the way you like it. Thank you very much for the pleasant words and the smile cards!

kirit wrote: Friend ,great job keep it up.

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