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My New Kindness Friend at School

--by cassiemeadows, posted Sep 25, 2009
Being the disorganized high schooler I am, once again I forgot to take my Smile Cards to school with me today, but that didn't stop me on my mission.  On the way to school this morning I picked up a large bag of funsized choclates (60cents Australian each) to distribute at school.  During the day, whenever I found myself unnoticed in a corridor, I'd slip a chocolate into a locker anonymously.

After school finished, I hung around an extra two hours until 5pm, so that I could get a clear go at one of the more open corridors in the school without getting 'caught'. This corridor had lockers of the yr 12s (highest school year, as well as very stressful) and I was making my way down with my chocolates when someone yelling behind me made me jump.

"Oi!" someone shouted.  A girl I didn't know, coming from sports training, was running up to me. Her face was red and she looked angry.  I knew it must be her locker that I was holding open, and of course I looked like I was going through her stuff. I started to appologise but as she approached closer, I saw that I'd misinterpreted her expression. She wasn't red with anger or from sport, she'd been crying.

I quickly explained to her what I was doing and held up the plastic bag full of chocolates as proof.  As soon as she believed me she was all smiles. 
We sat down and I explained to her about this site. In turn she told me what had been troubling her that day, and between us we finished hiding away the chocolates in other people's lockers. This time we kept lookout for one another.

Looks like I have a new kindness friend, who I was able to help out just by listening. :)
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AURELIA wrote: Cassie, What a "sweet" story. I am so happy that you were there for your new friend. Thank you for having a kind heart and a listening ear. Listening is a very special gift...I love to listen...but remember, if you listen it becomes a big responsibility on your part to know not to gossip about what you hear. She trusted you and High School gossip is very hurtful. I know you are very caring, I just wanted to remind you though. I'm so glad you joined us is our venture to do good.~Smile~ :) Aurelia
AURELIA wrote: P.S. Cassie, why don't you pick out your outfit for school and put the smile cards in your back pocket. You definitely will need them to pass out tomorrow...I'm sure of it. :)~Aurelia
Raqui wrote: That is a wonderful story maybe you to shall share some more kindness i believe people cross paths for a reason. GOOD FOR YOU i am so happy.
lmil1954 wrote: What a precious story. I think you are wonderful. Love, Linda:)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a wondeful story! I'm sure she was very happy to hear what you are doing. Keep it up!
brighteyes wrote: you are doing a RAOk and run into someone who needs some smiles and encouragement and a new friend...viola, now a double kindness.
Keep your heart open and be ever vigilant and you my dear, are already making a difference in others lives.
You also got all of us, smiling too. ;)

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