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Encountering Faith In Humanity

--by RoseMarie, posted Nov 17, 2015

Driving along a country road this morning on my way to work and there was a trash collector emptying the bins/trash. The collector was down on the ground lifting up broken glass which had fallen out of the bin. Was touched by his citizenship, many others wouldn't have bothered and another could have got a punctured tyre. A small act of kindness that saved potential distress and financial cost. Gave me a great faith in humanity and made my heart sing.

A lady takes my students for Projects ie real work in an office environment. Yesterday was the first time I met her so I said I would take her for lunch today, she was really pleased, my predecessor didn't even talk to her or guide her about what she should be doing with the students to help them gain their qualification. Lunch was fab until I went to pay. .... they did not accept debit cards and I had no change. (Norma was not aware of this happening ). The girl was really gracious to me and told me to drop it in. Went to fast cash machine, battery on phone needed charged, could not remember pin on card I wanted to use so could not withdraw cash. Yikes!! Went back to work charged phone and about 2 hours later I was able to leave my students and go sort out the bill. I was really worried waitress would get in trouble as it took me so long to return. ...When the waitress saw me she just smiled, I apologised profusely and the manager said.. 'It happens sometimes, we knew you'd be back at some stage. ' How lovely! An organisation that trusts customers. I left a large tip and had my third marked encounter with faith in humanity.

During the lunch, Norma, the member of staff I had treated to lunch  gave me my second  encounter. ... She was able to give me valuable information about a kineseologist she uses  ...didn't know I was looking for one. Lol... She said it might help my daughter with her tiredness etc. I am not a keen driver and it is about 40 minutes away, I enquired about specific location and she told me she would bring me there and back! Another encounter with faith in humanity.

Matthieu Ricard says we are innately kind, so lovely to see and be part of these exchanges today.

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kindmind wrote: Thank you for sharing - trust and caring are so important to a kind world.
DANCE wrote: super!!
lynfefchak wrote: Thanks for noticing when people go the extra mile around you
AndiCas wrote: What an amazing day you've had. Each of those is tremendous in itself.
Mish wrote: Kudos on your busy kindness day x
splain wrote: You really are am important part of that kindness circle. Maybe the place you had lunch at recognized a member of the circle.
mindyjourney wrote: Sometimes we receive and sometimes we give :))). Your post sooo made me smile :)))).
terre wrote: Circling kindness everywhere.
melnotes wrote: I love that it made your heart sing :)
pluto178 wrote: Life is really that simple just be kind to each other and pass on anything that may be of help........imagine a world just like that.... if I come across people who are not like that I am shocked because I don't expect it any more and whilst occasionally it still happens I am happy to think I am surprised by people who do not choose kindness because it shows the world must be a better place these days. x

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