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Back To School With Joy

Since the schools have started, my children are excited to go to school with new bags, books, clothes and to a new class. As parents, we too are excited for our children. But I thought, what about the  children who barely manage to have two  meals a day. I know such a child whose parents work very hard for those two meals a day. Although government schools provide free education, the school essentials are not taken care of. So, I bought some useful school essentials like a bag, stationery, books, lunch box and water bottle, crayons box for the  boy  I knew. He was very excited to get all the new things because, he had always used  broken and used items since he was born. Happiness is what mattered for me. It brought joy to both of us!   ... Read Full Story >>

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Coming Out Of Shell And Being Kind

I wanted to share this amazing incident with everyone. I was at the Bangalore airport waiting for my flight to go home. I went to get dinner at a restaurant in the airport. Although I was not very hungry, I knew I could eat a little something. So, I ordered a rice dish called Bisi Bele Bhaat - a south Indian preparation of rice and lentils with vegetables, tamarind and spices. I ate a few spoonfuls. On the table next to mine, two couples were seated. I overheard their conversation and knew that they were hungry and were waiting for food. I wanted to ask them if they wanted to share my food with me. I was too shy. But I gathered the courage and asked them anyway. They were actually very happy and without any hesitation one of them said Yes!. It was not a lot but they could start eating. The ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Dec 12, 2019
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Coffee & Kindness - Fill Your Cup With Both

Today I did something I have always wanted to do! I asked the guy at Starbucks how much the person's order was behind me and paid for it and told him to tell whoever it was to have a nice day.

Maybe this is weird, but on some level I hope they just took the gifted drink instead of paying for the person behind them. Learn to accept kindness (and free coffee) when it comes your way!!  Although, there's nothing wrong with paying it forward, I suppose. 

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Peace Journey In India From Kanpur To Varanasi

We organized a journey for Peace from Kanpur to Varanasi to spread the message of Peace and Love. It started with a meeting at the mini library in Kanpur, where we discussed the details of the journey and the program to follow.

The boys sang a couple of Peace songs. We then started our journey. During the journey, we stopped at several places to talk about peace, friendship, kindness and love. We also distributed peace cards, peace doves, quote cards and peace pamphlets.

It was nice to meet people with different thoughts and behavior. Many people appreciated our work and promised to forward our message to other people. We were also refused by some people. Overall, it was a joyful experience that we will remember for the rest of our life. I am thankful to all the volunteers and people who supported us.

Hope that one day peace will Prevail on the Earth !!

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Christmas Card Collective

A few years ago, a local woman decided to start collecting Christmas cards with messages of love and encouragement inside them to be distributed to people at local shelters at Christmas time.  She called this project the Christmas Card Collective.

This year, she is trying to collect 10,000 signed cards from the community, to be given out to people at shelters locally and in other cities in Canada and USA.

I am writing some cards up tonight to be mailed to her this week, in time for this holiday season.

Hoping to bring some joy to a stranger who truly needs some kindness and inspiration.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

I just got back after attending a seminar with other fellow educators in the field of Peace Studies. Since my hotel was a bit far from the university, I had to take a Lyft ride everyday, to and fro. One day, I overheard a conversation behind me that one of the participants could not download the Lyft app, and hence she was having a hard time commuting to and fro. I then offered her to ride with me. On a few occasions, when she was headed to a different destination than mine, I had called on the Lyft just for her. I was secretly planing on "Giftivism", of course! :) At the end of the trip, she insisted that I give her a total dollar amount for the ride share and other trips I arranged only for her. I explained to her that I was having a great time, because I did not ... Read Full Story >>

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Brotherly Love

As I was getting in my car today after picking up yet more school supplies in preparation of my 24th year as a teacher, I saw a homeless man from a distance with a blanket draped over him walking along the sidewalk. Immediately I noticed that he was barefoot and walked gingerly. I wanted to buy him some shoes  from a store nearby, but all that was around was Office Max and Smart & Final. No shoe stores. I was on a tight schedule having to pick my wife up from the doctor's office soon for a medical procedure. I was not going to buy shoes and return in such a short time. Then I remembered I had socks in my last bag, the bags I keep in my car for those in need. I grabbed the heavy duty socks and walked up to him. "Hey, Brother," I called to him. "I am sorry ... Read Full Story >>

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Sharing The Love Of The Season

During this frantic season, I often stop and reflect on the abundance all around me, as well as the abundance in my own life. I have enough, I have shelter, food, clothing, family and friends to love and be loved by. I don't need, or want, more things. And that goes for most of the people I know. So, a small thing I do every year is to sign-up with a local service organization and "adopt" children to shop for. These children are victims of domestic violence who otherwise would have a very meager Christmas. Their wishes are never extensive and usually include clothing sizes and favorite colors. I like to think of this as a way of showing families in need that others care about them and to give out a little extra love. An added bonus is that the shopping experience is a lot more enjoyable.

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Helping Hands

I am sharing an act of kindness that was done to me. We went kayaking on 4th of July and when we got out at the boat ramp, another big group was getting out of the boat ramp too. We had been having some friendly conversation with them as we all pulled our kayaks and canoes up the ramp.

However, as is the usual summer weather here, a storm was brewing. As we were pulling our kayaks up, one of the people from the other crowd said, "Hey guys let us help them get loaded up. It's fixin' to rain!"

Before we knew it they had grabbed our kayaks, loaded them into the back of our truck, helped carry coolers, life jackets and all our random junk. We all got out safely before the storm started.

It would have taken us a lot longer to do it by ourselves, and this simple act of kindness was timely and beautiful. It proved that it does not cost money, standing or creativity to lend a helping hand.

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The one who fixed my car

I had driven over a curb and the under shield of my car was loose, dragging on the ground and making a terrible noise.

I drove into the nearest gas station which was only a convenience store, and asked the woman if there was anybody there who could look under my car and see what was going on. She said no.
But the man waiting in line behind me said that he would check it out. Not only did he check it out but he taped it up for me so I could get to an auto body shop.

I told him I’d heard people from Boise were very kind and yes it was true. Then he told me he was from Phoenix. Kind people wherever you go.


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  • Dec 6, 2019
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An Untucked Collar

A friend reached out this afternoon and asked if she could come by to spend some time in stillness. Two days back, she got news her grandmother passed away, on the other side of the globe. They were very close, and due to some commitments in the coming days, she couldn't leave right away to be by her side. I actually don't know her well, but there was a resonance in values that connected us. She had attended a few gatherings that some friends and I have hosted, and her attendance had always added a gentle presence to the circle and in the conversations she'd find herself in. I was touched by the way she reached out -- and her intent to spend time in silence, a sacred space to honor and connect with her grandmother. On my end, it happened to be a busier than usual day, and I was already behind ... Read Full Story >>

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Engaging A Conversation While Dining

We made a new friend today. An elder gent sitting right next to us in a restaurant we were dining in.  He was alone and we struck up a conversation that was so enjoyable and lasted all through our leisurely meal. He is a young 86 year old with a twinkle in his eye. He invited us to visit him at his beach house next summer. He told us where his house was, said we should ring his bell and stop in for a drink if we find ourselves there. We shared stories and he lit up when, as we were leaving, I asked if I could give him a peace dove. 🕊 All told, shared 6 doves today during our outing. Folks really seem touched by someone giving them a symbol of peace. ❤️🕊❤️ I also thought my 86 years old new friend would be a good match for my 82 year old ... Read Full Story >>

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One Act Magically Becomes Three

Recently, I had my purse stolen. My primary reaction was “Well, it’s just stuff!” Nevertheless, I had to cancel my credit cards and make them replaced. Then today, I went to the post office, where a replacement card waited for me in the mail. As I walked back to my car a woman from the post office yelled, “You dropped your credit card!” A man was standing quietly on the sidewalk with his bike. The woman said that a man had just brought it to her and described him. I went to the man with the bike. I had a $100 bill and a $20 one. I decided to give him the $100. “This will go to the grocery store,” he said. and explained that his wife of 11 years had just left him and their two boys. “It’s been tough on the boys, but this will help.” We are living in a small ... Read Full Story >>

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Because Children Need Hope...

Am in the process of making up little uplifting notes and prayers for my cheerful postcards for a native community that is in a suicide crisis. Kindspringer Brad2 has raised awareness on this issue saying that children as young as 10 are committing suicide. Hope the kids will get hope from them :-) Here is the address if you want to do so too:
Makwa Sahgaiehcan School
Box 519
Loon Lake SK
S0M 1L0

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Rainy Day Reward

Driving home from work on a Monday, I saw a lady pushing a shopping cart filled with clothes and some other items. It was raining heavily and she was trying to cover herself up with a wet blanket. I pulled over and gave her an adult rain poncho that I had purchased for an Alaskan cruise, that I never used and she was so greatful. I then handed her a small umbrella that I had (I have a supply in my van from the dollar store for this exact purpose). She again looked at me with so much appreciation and said, "Oh my gosh, I've always wanted to have one of these, thank you so much." This just made my whole day. I will be buying more ponchos for this reason and will continue to help those less fortunate as myself. This was very rewarding and I wish everyone could have this experience! ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Dec 2, 2019
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A Simple Offering

Tonight, I was walking home from work. It was dark. I passed a man sitting on a bench built into a wall of a building. I saw his feet first. We looked at each other as I passed. I half smiled and he just stared at me, sad like. It seemed he might be staying there the night. He was wearing a thin sweater and had a backpack. As I walked away, I felt the cold air on my skin and thought," I wish I had a blanket to offer him." My car was just down the block. I still have a bag from my grandmother's room. I haven't gone through it since she died. Haven't had the heart. I thought maybe there is an extra blanket amongst her things. There was one, I thought. I looked in the bag and the back of my car but there was no blanket. There ... Read Full Story >>

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A God Shot

I was at a motel and awoke from a nap to the sound of a car horn blaring. I figured a drunkard was impervious to the sound of his car. My puppy had to go potty, so I got dressed (grumpily) and took her out to go. At the entrance, I saw a man who was gasping for breath and looked ashen. “Can I help?,” I asked. “Yes.” He pointed to an oxygen tank which had no valve. I called 911 and then got help from the desk clerk. I am retired from medicine and a certified nursing assistant. We got him in from the cold and found that his blood oxygen was 78 percent—about 20 percent below normal. Luckily, the desk clerk found an old oxygen concentrator in the man's car. We got him comfortable and his skin color improved. Paramedics arrived by then. Our patient had driven over 1000 miles to ... Read Full Story >>

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A Check To Fight Breast Cancer

Recently my friend, Ruby, and I were sitting in our favorite hangout. We were enjoying a meal when a young woman approached our table. Her name was Melinda. As she joined us, she returned a check that Ruby had given her because her name was wrongly spelled and she could not cash it. While sitting there and watching the two of them, I noticed the young lady looked frail and nervous.   After she left I asked Ruby who she was and what it was all about. Ruby told me that Melinda had Breast Cancer and she had given her a small donation to help to pay her health insurance for the month of May, which was $557. I asked how Melinda could afford that much for insurance. Ruby told me that Melinda only had two more months to pay that amount and then the price would considerably go down. I didn't have much money ... Read Full Story >>

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On My Walk

I haven't been playing competitive basketball recently like I have for the last 40 years, due to some health issues. Nevertheless, I still shoot around and I do a lot more walking.

One of my walks is a two-mile stint that always takes me by a bus stop with a trash can. I have been making it a habit to pick up a piece of trash as I approach the trash can.

One day, I saw a bag on the ground and used that to pick up more trash. Since then, I leave the house with a bag and my walk becomes a clean-up mission.

I have become that old man that I used to see walking the neighborhood picking up trash! 😂🤣


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Working For My Community To Make It A Better Place

I haven't posted that much recently, but have done on average 10-12 random acts of kindness per day since my last post. I don't post because I made a promise to God to do something about the gang problem in my community. Once almost overrun by gangs and listed as a dangerous community, I have spent a lot of time walking, visiting, helping others when it mattered, in creating peace, for my community. Slowly, day by day, my community is healing, because I've kept my promise to God. I believe in God, he saved me during a dark time in my life. Now I do his work, for peace. But this is sort of why I'm posting today. It snowed last night, then a freezing rain, covering everything with a thin film of ice, including the highways, creating an emergency situation. Going to the store to check my lottery tickets, I had difficulty ... Read Full Story >>

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