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Thanks To My Coach:

I found my high school teacher from 30yrs ago online and sent him this note: Hello Mr. D, I hope this finds you well. Perhaps a letter would be more appropriate here but I will take this opportunity to send you a huge "Thank You". When I first signed up for your art class, I was in 9th grade and at a somewhat difficult time. My good friend was on the shady side and I was near going down that path with him, when you convinced me to join the Nordic ski team. This ended up being a huge turning point for me and I credit you entirely. At that time I held a certain amount of rebellion and anger towards my father. It was you who told me straight up what a good man he was and that I had wonderful parents. I really did need to hear that, and I'm glad you ... Read Full Story >>

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Thanking Those That Enrich

This week I have come to know a family with a disabled dad. They all live their lives with such love and support it really touched me. Today I was able to express my admiration to them, and share with them how much they have enriched my life just getting to know them.

Their love and kindness, their patience, their presence, shows in everything they do and they are an inspiration.

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