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Sharing a Smile

While stuck in traffic, I noticed the woman in the vehicle next to me was crying. Alone in her vehicle, she wiped her tears, and struggled to catch her breath. I didn't mean to stare, but I could hardly look away. As she pulled ahead of me, I could still see her crying for quite a few minutes.

When it was my turn to drive up beside her, I managed to get her attention by waving a little stuffed pig I happen to carry in my car. I tilted pigs head side to side and gestured with my fingers over my biggest smile for her to do the same. She wiped her tears, nodded, smiled, and gave me a big thumbs up! At that moment, traffic cleared up and we drove off.

 It was quite emotional, and even recalling it stirs up some mixed feelings. I'm glad I got to see the silver lining behind the turmoil she was experiencing, even if it was for a few seconds. I'm grateful to have been a part of that.

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Helping a Co-worker with a Flat Tire

The week leading up to Christmas and New Years was pretty slow at work. Everyone was finishing up their final vacation days, extracting every bit of time off to extend the holidays. At one point I had the whole building to myself, and another day was just me and another girl... who got a flat tire. I've been fortunate that I've never had to change my own tire, but I've changed them for other people. I "just so happened" to be walking by when she parked and I noticed the flat. She had heard and felt it just up the road. I said "well, looks like I gotta job to do!" She offered to call her boyfriend, but I said it wouldn't be necessary. I'd be glad to change it for her. There wasn't much to it of course, until it came time to loosen the nuts. I couldn't do it! What ... Read Full Story >>

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A Helping Hand, Literally

When the battery pack on old man's scooter shifted out of place as he hit a bump, I thought my good deed was done when I helped him reconnect it and return it to its rightful place. As I walked off, he stopped me again and asked him to reach into the bag he had strapped to to his back. In a certain pocket he had cigarettes and a lighter, and as I handed them to him I realized he had hooks where his hands would have otherwise been. Instinctively, and without words, I pulled one out of the pack, placed it in his mouth, and lit it for him as he puffed. Again he thanked me and was off in an instant. My girls were with me and of course this was the topic of the day. What happened to him daddy? Why didn't he have legs? Where were his hands? Why ... Read Full Story >>

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The Other Way Around

As we walked out of a convenience store, we crossed paths with a homeless man coming into the store.

For the first time ever, he stopped us not to ask for money, but to share with my girls a quarter for one, and a nickel for the other. He complimented them on how good they smelled and how pretty they were. The smiles everyone of us shared that moment were genuinely priceless.

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A precious moment of life I wanted to share

This morning I was fortunate enough to capture the miracle of life right before my eyes!

 As the cool breeze combined with the warmth of the morning sun, I felt blessed to witness such a delicate moment.

Bamboo wind chimes in the background added even more joy. Being present in the moment I soaked it all in. And now I share it with you.


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A Walk In The Park

A guy at the park I walk in, set up a table with free water and Gatorade for the passersby. He shared God's word on a speaker, and some of the smoothest jazz I've heard in a while. I sat near by, listened, and observed. He generated lots of smiles, and waves. People thanked him, and shook his hand. It was a chilly morning but this kind man's warmth radiated all around. He spread generosity, and I'm grateful to share it with the community.

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