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A Few Good Deeds And An Update

First, some acts of kindness my fiancee and I have done recently: One sweltering hot day, we were on our way into Sam's Club to pick up something, and saw a homeless man and his dog sitting on the curb at the exit. When we left, he was walking away, but we stopped him and asked if he would like a water for himself and his pooch. He seemed so grateful for the offer, I wasn't completely sure if it was because he (or his dog) was thirsty for water, or just thirsty for compassion... it is my sincerest hope that our two measly little bottles of water helped with both that day. On another occasion, we heard through the grapevine that a friend of a friend, who happened to be a single mother of three (one of them a newborn) were displaced out of their home due to a fire in ... Read Full Story >>

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A Little Surprise Kindness For A New Mom To Be

About two weeks ago, I noticed that a friend of mine who is young (in her early twenties) and pregnant with her first child is financially strapped. She had made several comments on social media about her lack of maternity clothes, and that she couldn't afford to get new ones even though she wasn't fitting in her current clothes any longer. I called her and asked if we could hang out for the day. When she arrived, I surprised her by taking her out and bought her several outfits, and then I took her to lunch. It was a good day :)

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