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Unexpected Opportunities

I was grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant and met a mother and her 27 yr old son who moved to Phoenix from Iowa 2 days ago. I started talking to the guy (Cody) because I noticed he had a pretty big hearing aid. I showed him my bright purple ones! I told him and his mom, Tina all about my hearing dog Tara who was quietly lying at my feet. Tara and I have been a team for almost 8 years. After extensive training (for both of us) she was given to me free of charge by Canine Companions for Independence. Cody may be interested in applying for a Hearing Dog after I talked nonstop for 15 minutes. I invited him, his mom and his dad to join us at a weekend celebration of the Canine Companions Chapter Party here in Phoenix. This is a lesson in seizing ... Read Full Story >>

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Parking Lot Connections

This happened a few days ago... and still feeling the love and positivity from it.
Meet Charles

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