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Maintaining Connections

Recently I visited my former high school teachers over Christmas Break to see how they were doing and to catch up. I visited my school counselor as well. It struck me that many students forget to think about their former school counselors and support staff who helped them get to where they are today.

I talked to my former guidance counselor about how my first semester of college went and how well I am doing. He really helped me in my senior year of high school so I thought that paying him a visit would be a great act of kindness.

As I was leaving the guidance office, I heard one guidance counselor say, "I feel like they forget about us once they graduate." And my heart felt so big, knowing that I thought to visit them. I am in my first year of university now. I could really see how happy my teachers were to see that I had visited them.

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A Simple Compliment Can Go A Long Way

Last semester in my final year of high school, I had a kind teacher whom I can never forget. I was not necessarily the best student when it came to writing tests. I had to work extra hard to get good marks, although I enjoyed learning. Anyways, this class that I truly enjoyed still had me struggling to do well on my tests. My teacher willingly helped me and was always willing to answer my questions, and I greatly appreciated it. He was a remarkable teacher, always reaching out to students and helping them achieve their greatest potential.   I remember the day of writing my final exam, I was the last one still writing in the exam room as always, reviewing my exam paper, while everyone else had already finished and left the room. After turning in my exam-paper, I started to leave the classroom, but decided to turn around and ... Read Full Story >>

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