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The Story Of A Wandering Wallet

A few years ago, I was given a wallet. It was small, with only a single pocket for cash, cards and coins. A zipper kept everything inside from falling out and a beautiful elephant was woven into its front panel. The wallet came to me all the way from Tanzania, gifted to me by a close friend. I fell in love with it immediately, it was the perfect size and came from a place I hoped to someday visit. I carried it everywhere; it was always precariously hanging out of one pocket or another. But the wallet was not only beautiful; it had a personality: it loved to run away, as I told my parents over and over again, only to receive eye rolls in return. “Frances, really, you’ve lost it again?” they would say every time I misplaced it. I seem to have a habit of losing things— jackets, water bottles, ... Read Full Story >>

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A Circle Of Friendship

At age three, I was inseparable from my parents. Where they went I went, always reaching out for their hands to ensure their presence, always calling out for them in desperation to verify that they were there. Never having left their side until the age of three, I believe I had what you might call separation anxiety. This made preschool an exciting but difficult time for all of us. As we approached my preschool for the first time, one of my hands tightly squeezed my father's hand, the other nervously grasped my mother’s. We walked past the cheerful sign out front which read “Welcome to the Lakeshool!,” up the stairs and through the front door. I was happy and curious—what could this new place be? There were other children for me to play with, toys, snacks, and of course my parents were right there. Soon enough, however, I was introduced to ... Read Full Story >>

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