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Accepting a Blessing and Passing It On

Last Sunday, a woman told me that she felt led to give me twenty dollars.  She wanted me to use the money for whatever I needed.  I tried not to take it, but she insisted and so I took it and thanked her.  I didn't need the money, but I knew there must be a reason for her giving it to me. The next day, Monday, I went to work.  A different woman was walking by the store I worked at.  She was limping, and didn't look to be very well.  I knew her and called out, asking her how she was doing. She responded with her sad situation.  Her husband had died recently, she had to quit her job because of her health, and on top of that, she wasn't drawing her disability benefits as yet.  I told her the story about the $20, and asked her if she would ... Read Full Story >>

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A Community Comes Together To Pay Tribute

Our friend took his own life at a young age (he was only in his 40's) and we waited to hear about funeral arrangements.  He was a truck driver that we only saw twice a week but he always was so cheerful.  He didn't live close to our town but touched the lives of many.  Every week when he delievered our shipments, he drew on the papers and we always responded by drawing our own back.  If we had only known he was so troubled, we would have done anything to help him. When we found out that no one was claiming his body, three of our stores that he delivered to got together.  We did the legal work and got the papers fixed so our funeral home could have the legal rights to go care for him.  We raised the money and, by the night of the services, we had ... Read Full Story >>

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