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What Goes Around, Comes Around

I work retail, in a general mixed merchandise store.  Today a regular customer came in, an older European woman.  She buys masses of cookies, chocolates and sweets that she hands out to neighborhood kids, keeps on hand for unknown visitors etc.  Well, while I was ringing up her purchases, the man in line behind her caught my attention.  He slyly indicated that I was to ring his t-shirt in with her purchases and then use his credit card to pay the whole lot.  I did this without saying anything to the woman.  But before the man could leave, I asked if he knew the woman and he said no. After he left, I explained to the woman that this gentleman had just paid for her purchases.  She stammered out, "Why?  Why would he do that?"   He simply said, "God Bless you" and left the store and left her in tears.  She ... Read Full Story >>

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