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The Road To Acts Of Kindness

More than a week ago I decided to do something that I called "A Smile Card a Day Makes the World a Better Place".  I've been doing an act of kindness every single day and giving away Smile Cards with it. Yesterday on my way back home from school I stopped at a restaurant that I always go to. It was almost 10pm and that's when the close. I ordered some takeway food and sat and waited for it to be ready. The girl that took my order was mopping the floor and singing and I have to say she had a very beautiful voice. I started talking to her and told her how beautiful her voice was and I gave her a Smile Card. She loved how the card says 'Smile' on it because another customer calls her "Smiley". I then told her the rules of the Smile Card and she ... Read Full Story >>

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Cutest Moment of My Day

I live near a bay in Sydney and I go on a bike ride almost every day. I see lots of people riding their bike and others just walking and enjoying the view. On Sundays, there are more people around the bay. I love riding my bike then so that I can give as many smiles as possible.  Today, on may way back home, I noticed a little girl with walking with her mom holding a box of her things. It was so beautiful so see how happy they were. I kept riding my bike and I noticed a shiny necklace on the ground. I didn't do anything at first, but then I thought maybe it belonged to the little girl. I turned around to pick up the necklace. Luckily, it was still there, but for a second I thought that maybe it did not belong to her. I decided to go ... Read Full Story >>

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The Little Boy and the Big Dog

The other day I was sitting in my sister's room playing with my PSP. Before I started playing, I looked out the window and saw this little kid standing at the front gate of the building he lives in. I didn't think of anything at first. I kept playing and playing.

Then, my Mom came in and was looking out the window and she saw that same little kid. She noticed something and told me that every time the little kid tried to walk up to his flat something stopped him and he came back out again. She also noticed that the little boy was crying. She asked me to go and check on him and find out what was stopping him from going upstairs.

I went over to where the boy was standing and found out that there was a BIG DOG sitting at his front door. This little boy was afraid of the dog and couldn't do anything about it. I held the boy's hand and helped him to go up the stairs to his home. He was very happy and ran into his house. I'm very happy that I helped that kid and made him very happy!

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"Do You Like Chocolate?"

While grocery shopping today, I saw that my very favorite chocolate was on sale. I bought three of them and decided to share one with someone.  As I walked to the register, I noticed that the cashier was smiling at everyone. He was asking them how they were doing and wishing them a nice night. When my turn came, he asked me how I was doing.  I replied, "Great!" and then asked, "Do you like chocolate?" "You bet," he said.  I smiled.  As I finished checking out and was about to leave, I grabbed one of the chocolates that I had in my bag, pulled out a Smile Card from my wallet, and gave it to the cashier.  He smiled, "Are you sure?" "Yes."  It was great to see the big smile on his face when I did that. :D

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Smiling In China Town

A few weeks ago I was on vacation with my family in Malaysia. We visited lots of places. One of the hotels we stayed in was near a China Town. Everything was cheap there so did a lot of shopping. I was looking for a watch for myself and one for my girlfriend. There were many shops that were selling the same watch - but for different prices.   I finally found the best price, so I bought the watches while my sister and mom were buying other stuff from the same shop. When it was time to pay I realized I was 10 Ringgits short, so I suggested returning one of the watches. The owner of the shop asked why and I explained I didn't have enough money with me. She smiled and said, "You can take it, but promise me you'll pay tomorrow!"    So I asked her what time she would be ... Read Full Story >>

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A Taxi Driver Who Proved Me Wrong

Yesterday, when I was going back to home after finishing all my paper work at the college, I stopped a taxi to take me back home. The man seemed to be very nice and couldn't stop calling me "Son".  I liked it but was a little bit surprised by this because I usually think that taxi drivers are not kind people.

When I reached my destination I was searching for the money in my pocket.   I was having trouble finding the change.  The man noticed and said, "It's ok son, if you don't have the money you can go."  I was so shocked and responsed, "I do have money," then I gave it to him. When I got out of the taxi I was really Happy about this kind person. I wished him all the best of luck.

Sometimes we get the wrong idea about a group of people. But, after some time and after going through an experience like mine, you will really change your ideas.

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Waiting For YOU To Call

I had a friend who was very close to me. He was more like a little brother to me. I loved helping him and he did the same for me!

A year ago, we argued about something and so we didn't talk to each other after that day! I felt very bad and I missed him so much.
So, a few days ago I text messaged him saying I was sorry about what happened, we both were very angry at that time and I was sure we could forgive each other and become friends again.
I waited for his reply but I didn't get one. Then I got a call from an unknown number and it was him! He said, "I am sorry too. Let's just be friends again and be the same as we were before." 
I was so happy to see that!
I have a job now and, guess what! He is the one who is driving me to and from my workplace!
Sometimes we feel that others are angry with us because of something that we did wrong but, guess what! They might be waiting for our message, just like we were waiting for theirs!


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Bed Sheet and a Blanket

Well, yesterday we had some visiters at my house and they spent the night with us. I went in their room and I found Nahida was going to sleep with a bed sheet instead of a blanket. I didn't know why she was doing that, bu, I told her that she can use my blanket if she would like to.  She smiled and said sure.  I was happy and I went to my room and gave her the blanket.

Today morning, when I woke up I saw something special.  I saw that my brother went to work and he covered me with his blanket.  I don't really know what to say about that because it can't be described in words!

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Drive-Thru Stroke of Inspiration

A few weeks ago, I went to a McDonald's drive thru window. I was waiting for my turn and when it came I ordered.

Then, I noticed there was a car behind me. In a split-second stroke of inspiration, I asked the employee if I could pay for their meal, too. :)
At first, he said, "What?!"
I asked him again.
"Sure, okay," he replied.

And I did.  As I drove away, I didn't look back to see the reaction of the driver. But I'm pretty sure that they were happy :)
In any case, I felt so happy and blessed, and that made my day. :D

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Tour Guide For A Day

My collegues at work are from Hong Kong and don't know anything about Oman where we are based. I was born there!

A few weeks ago I was talking about some of the old cities in Oman and some great places to visit. They got excited and asked me if I could be their travel guide. 

I replied, "Sure!" They were very happy about that.

So, we went out. I organized the whole trip and they enjoyed it very much!
It is really nice when people come to you face to face and shake your hand and say, "Thank you!"


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