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You Changed My Life

My husband and I are lucky to have landed together in a new country just a month ago. We were sort of afraid about what's in store for us. When we landed at the airport, a tall man with smiling eyes greeted us. The days and months were somehow made easy for us by this kind man. He greeted us everyday with his smiling face. He accompanied us in going to the bank, in buying our groceries, in telling us where to buy paint, where the coffee shop is, where to have key duplication, where to buy almost everything. He told us he is our big brother. Twice, we watched the match in a coffee shop. During the first get together, we saw how his eyes beamed in happiness. He told us that we're lucky - my husband and I are together in this foreign land.  He said he has been ... Read Full Story >>

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My Chat Mate

Lately these days, I have a regular chat mate. We chat for an hour. She makes me laugh. She lessens my homesickness in this foreign land when I see her smile on the Web cam. Every time I see her lowering her head as she types the letters, I anticipate what she has to type. Just this afternoon, she learned how to use the audibles. It was an afternoon filled with fun and love.

Throughout the entire time we chat, though, I can't  understand a single word.  My chat mate is my dearest sister who has Downs Syndrome.

Chatting with her is the most remarkable feeling.  She may not understand what I am typing on the screen and I may not understand what she's typing but I can see the way she nods and she can see the way I laugh, and deep in our hearts, we feel connected.

Always eager, we both show up for each other everyday.  We try to communicate with words and typed sentences, but really, no words are even needed.

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The Eight-Year-Old Flower Seller

Last night’s mass transformed my life.  Since we arrived late for the homily, we positioned ourselves near the door.  It was during the offertory, though, that I saw a sight that changed my life in an instant -- a young boy ran up, took out a coin from his pocket and offered it to the collector.  I didn’t see the denomination, if it was a peso or five-peso, but it wasn't the amount that caught my attention. It was his way of giving gratitude to God for all the immeasurable blessings that he might've received.  And it was from a kid who was humbly selling Sampaguita flowers!  He who has little knows how to give back.  Watching his selfless act, I was totally speechless. Minutes passed and I was still trying to process what I had just witnessed.  Before me was a humbling experience -- a boy of young age, ... Read Full Story >>

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If I Could Give Her Just A Part of Me...

The Internet connection at home was set-up for two months already. My family back home has a Web cam so I see them regularly, say twice a month, via the Web cam, but not my little sister. Whenever my mother, father, and little brother are on the chatroom, my little sister is busily doing something in her own room, or anywhere around the house. It's always been like that for the past two months. But yesterday, it was different. As I was chatting with mom, I saw my sister on the background. So I was surprised to see her there - sitting beside my mother, wearing her hair short! In fact, I was told by my older sister that little sister was the one who asked mom to cut her hair short. I was feeling so happy to see my little sister on the Web cam. I immediately captured that ... Read Full Story >>

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