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Paying Forward a $500 Gift

Every Wednesday for 2 years now, a group of us ladies goes to a special thrfit store to look for some bargains. At this store, you could buy anything you could put in a bag for  only $1! I bought a few bags and came home to sort it all out on my kitchen floor, as I usually do. As I was looking at a men's leather coat, I started to check it for any flaws.  I felt something in a hidden inside pocket, so I pulled it out .  It was store purchase receipts, but I did not think much of it until I unraveled it and suddenly saw a $100 bill!!!! OH MY! Well, when my husband and I finished counting it all, it ended up being $500!  My husband and I were in shock! Unfortunately, there was no way to find out who the original owner was as these were clothes we bought from a ... Read Full Story >>

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160 Dresses

We are five women who wanted to make a difference in the life of our local girls. 

There are many needy families in our area and the winter formal dances were coming up soon. Lots of families would struggle to afford a nice fancy dress for their girl to go to the dance in. So, we reached out to our community and asked for donations of formal dresses in all sizes for this worthy cause. 
Little did I expect 160 dresses! 
Tomorrow we make them available so the girls can come by and pick one out. We also have high heels, purses, and jewelry that were donated! 
If it goes well we plan to do the same again next year!
160 dresses will equal much more than 160 smiles!


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Old Clothes Become New Gifts

Many of my friends meet on Wednesday in the early morning to go to a specific parking lot sale held at a thrift store. We love it because we can put whatever fits into the grocery bag  for just $1. As we finished one day, paid our dollars, and stayed to talk a bit, we noticed the clothing that remained was being scooped up and being thrown into their dumpster. We asked why, and they said they had no room for the extra clothes and it would pile up very quickly. I asked them why they have not contacted other places like churches, shelters for women and children. They said they did several times in the past and they only came two or three times and stopped as they had to be there at a specific time in the morning which was right after the parking lot sale. After coming a ... Read Full Story >>

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God In A Silver Car

Yesterday a family of five I knew were in desperate need of food. Unbelievably, not one agency could help them for at least four days! 

So I gathered up three boxes full of groceries, enough to feed them all for the next five days and took them on round.
After I I delivered that food the family paid me the huge compliment of saying I was like "God in a silver car" for them!

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