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Releasing Books Into the Wild

Most of you probably know about bookcrossing - an online community working towards making the world a library.  Well I have been a member since the beginning of the year and have released about 15 books into the wild (that's were you leave a book somewhere as a random gift for the person who finds it).  Today was the first time that someone actually registered that they had found one of my books and her message was a great reminder of the power of simple random acts of kindness.

The young women who found it was off to the doctors and so the book not only kept her company and took her mind off her troubles while she was waiting for the doctor and on her trip home but put a great big smile on her face!

Imagine how you would feel finding a free book when you were feeling a little down and in need of something to take your mind off get those books off your shelf where they are gathering dust and out into the hands of people who will enjoy them as much as you have!

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Dancing Through the Checkout Line

   I rather enjoy the music in the supermarket and so last week i found myself whistling and humming along quietly as i did my weekly food shopping.    I got to the checkout and noticed that the lady in front of me looked like she had had a bad day and the young kid working the checkout looked like he wanted to be anywhere else.  Still on my own little high from a good day I set about unloading my groceries and humming to myself.     When it was my turn I was snapped back to reality with the checkout kid smiling and dancing around.  When I commented on how nice it was to see him enjoying himself and that I also enjoyed the music he said, "Well I heard this noise and thought it was my mobile phone vibrating at first.  Then I realised that it was you humming and you ... Read Full Story >>

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