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A Little 'Game of Good'

For the last two and a half years I have been giving out Smile Cards whenever I find an opportunity. I am sad to admit that my family and I are homeless, we live in a trailer which we were so kindly given by a family member. During this period, I have given out over 200 Smile Cards.  I have always tried to find something kind to do, even when my husband lost his job and we were fighting to get by.  I have started giving out coupons for free food, plus money for people to get at least one meal, on me. I always put my coupon, gift and Smile Card in a envelope that says "For whoever finds this". Once I left an envelope on someone's work truck and got back into our trailer. I just happened to look out at the bus later and I saw the guy open my envelope and find the gift.  He read the card and then he looked ... Read Full Story >>

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Four Years Of Raising Smiles

It has been four years since I got my first set of Smile cards!  At that time my family and I were living in a travel trailer. Since then I have gave out over 400 Smile cards (I've lost count!) I am so glad to have done so many good things for others. Now it is four years later, things are better for my family, and I'm still giving out Smile cards! Today I gave out my largest gift yet - a $40 gift certificate to an upscale restaurant!    I have spent weeks trying to find someone upbeat and nice to give it to. I finally found someone today. My daughter went into a place to get her haircut and the young gal who cut her hair was very nice and did a great job. So I gave her the envelope with the gift in it and left a couple of dollars tip.   I ... Read Full Story >>

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Smile in the Lottery Ticket Line

Yesterday, I stopped at the grocery store to buy a lottery ticket. I had a problem with the machine, so the clerk came out to help me. At the same time a lady stepped in line behind me.

I had two dollars left in the machine, so in that moment I decided to do something nice. I printed out my ticket, then got an instant ticket. I turned around, held the instant ticket in my had and said to the woman behind me,  "This is for you."  

The woman looked shocked and said, "What?" I didn't give up. I said, " This is for you." She finally took the ticket and (because the ticket was a holiday ticket), I wished her "Happy holidays!"  I turned around and quickly walked away, beaming with joy.

I felt so happy for doing something for someone else. I just wish I had a Smile Card with me.

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Two Lost Ladies

One day my kids and I left our apartment to do laundry. A white car with two little old ladies in it pulled up next to us. They asked how to get to I-79 and I started wondering how they had got so far from the Interstate.

I started to give them directions, but it was complicated and I just knew they would get lost. So, I told them to follow me.  
They followed us and I pulled over before the Interstate on-ramp. I rolled my window down and they waved and said thank you as they drove past.
My unexpected good deed for the day, but I was happy to help them out.
Smiles to all! 


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