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Kindness, The New Stimulus Package

Are you just plain sick of being bombarded by the media with the untold horrors and predictions of our impending doom?  I've heard the words "Stimulus Package" so many times it doesn't even mean anything anymore. I want to introduce a new kind of stimulus package that doesn't have a thing to do with the government:  Kindness.  What do you think would happen if everyone practiced being kind for just one day?  I sure as heck know.  The world as we know it would be transformed.   Impossible?  Consider this:  I organized a Kindness Challenge at a local arts and jazz festival in April.  My goal was to remind people what happens when we practice being kind.  It's a feeling most of us have forgotten.  The challenge was to entice 100 people attending the festival to do 100 kind acts within 100 minutes.  The result amazed everyone involved because when all was said ... Read Full Story >>

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Learning from a Father's Empathy, 28 Years Later

On Sunday while I was having my own Father’s day celebration, I thought about my dad a lot.  By the time I called to tell him that I loved him, he had already gone to bed.  I was bumbed out a bit because of missing him so I thought I would write a little post about what my dad means to me. My dad is that absolute most kindest man in the world.  He would never hurt anyone intentionally and would give the shirt off his back in an instant.  This made me reflect on a story about 28 years ago. My dad was a used car salesman and owned his own car lot and body shop on several occasions.  Every Thursday night, he would head off to Shreveport, LA to the auction.  Most of the time, I drove a car over there for him so he could sell it at ... Read Full Story >>

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Trusting Your Instinct to Help

The other day I had several errands to run.  As I started out, I noticed I was going to need to get gas in the next few days.  I had plenty to do the things I needed to do but something told me to go get gas, so I decided to trust it even though it didn’t really make much sense.    The moment I started pumping the gas, I heard “thump, thump, thump, thump.”  Before I even looked up, I knew what that sound was:  a flat tire.  I knew instantly why I was there.  I walked over to the car where a lady was wondering what happened.  She rolled down her window and I asked her if I could help.  She was relieved and instantly replied, “Yes.”  I finished pumping my gas while she cleaned out her trunk to get to the spare tire.  I changed her tire and directed her where to ... Read Full Story >>

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My Father's Silent Life Lessons

Earlier today I was thinking about my dad. Pops is in ill-health right now but his spirit is strong. He might forget where he’s at from time to time but I know that deep inside his spirit is as strong and vibrant as it has ever been.  Every now and then he will surprise us and just talk and talk and talk about the good ol’ days. He is eternally faithful to my mom, and I really feel he hasn’t abandoned ship yet because he fears for her when he is gone. Guess what, Pops?  We’ve got your back. You can enjoy what time you have left worrying about what to eat, what show to watch, how long to sit in that front porch rocker, or just waiting around for football season to start!  You know, the big stuff! You see, my dad is a quiet man. He has always been a quiet ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness, The New Stimulus Package

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