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Top 10 Stories of 2012 - Story # 6 Learning Kindness From My Father

When I was 12 years old, I went with my dad to his work - a car showroom.  I was wondering around and I saw a poor woman with a child in her lap standing outside the showroom.  I saw that she was crying a lot and went inside and told my father.  My father went out and asked the woman to come in to the showroom.  He offered her some water and then asked her what was wrong?   The woman said that her husband had died some months ago and that she doesn’t have anyone else in her family who can help her.  She does some manual labor to earn some money to take care of her daughter but she was sick for the last three days and was unable to go to work.  Now she doesn’t have a grain of food to eat.  While she was relating this ... Read Full Story >>

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I Always Get Smiles In Return

Just imagine - everything going wrong in your life and you can't help but be sad. Then some stranger gives you a friendly smile and make you feel special for no reason at all.

Once I was sitting in a corridor. I wasn't having a good day and my expression surely reflected this. I looked up and saw a lady passing by. I had never seen her before. She looked at me and gave me a very friendly smile! I felt like we were old friends and she understood my problems. And, guess what! My sadness disappeared and I couldn't help but smile back at her!
From that day on I started giving out smiles whenever I saw anyone who looked sad or confused. Whether I know them or not I try to approach them and help them, but when I am unable to do so I give a sweet friendly smile to help make them feel better.
And, yeah, I always get smiling faces in return!


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The Boy At The Laundry

Yesterday I went to the laundry with my friend to collect her dress. There I saw a poor kid begging for food. His clothes were very shabby and, looking at his condition, it seemed like he hadn't eaten for quite a while.

My friend and I were moved by seeing him like that, so we decided to help by buying him some food. Unfortunately, there was no eatery or grocery store in the area.
We asked the boy to wait at the same place and promised him that we would be back before very long. We went to the next street and found a grocery store there. I bought some packets of biscuits.
When we returned to the laundry the boy was still standing there. When I gave the biscuits to him he was delighted and said he hadn't really expected up to come back! He took the biscuits, gave us a thankful smile, and started munching!
Seeing his happiness also made our day!


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Adding Colors - Holi Special

I went out with my friends to dine at a fine restaurant. After finishing the dinner,we generally prefer to sit outside the restaurant for conversations and fun.
I saw a poor kid there selling 'Coloring books' for his livelihood. While seeing him do that, I realized how blessed we are and still we complain about small things in life instead of being thankful for all we have.

I bought the Coloring book from him with the thought that it will add some 'color' to his day. Everyday when I open my drawer and I see this book, it actually adds a bright color on my face too. Now I am planning to gift this book with coloring pencils to someone who would like to play with colors but couldn't afford it.
This Holi, Let's add colors to each other's life. Happy Holi everyone! 

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