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Don't Wait To Win The Lottery

Like three million other knitters and crocheters I am a member of the website Ravelry. This is a resource for patterns, news of events, and for people to link up and share interests.
One of the groups I found there provide sweaters, caps, booties, mittens, and blankets for new-born babies as they prepare to go home from the hospital.
This led me to reading about the living conditions and the poverty that particular area, which in turn made me wish that somebody who is wealthy would situate something there that would provide employment and hope.
Then it dawned on me that I have a workroom full of raw materials for baby quilts, and other useful things. The Bible encourages us to be good stewards of the blessings we have. I don't need to win the lottery to help (especially since I never buy a lottery ticket.)
I'll do my bit, but if you win the lottery ... help somebody. Just sayin'!

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Birthday Tulips

I meet with a group of friends each Wednesday to quilt, visit, and laugh.  
We take turns bringing lunch but the same dear lady always opens her home to our group.
Last week was her birthday and for once I was on the ball. I stopped at the flower shop and purchased a pot of tulips for her.
I am happy to report that she was both surprised and pleased with them, and we all enjoyed them as we spent the day with her. 
She was especially pleased that they were tulips since she is Dutch and most tulips come from Holland. I was just lucky with that!

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Found Before Lost

On my "Lifelist" is the goal of visiting all the states in the U.S. Several years ago, my husband and I were traveling in the Northwest.  While we were enjoying Portland, we were staying in a Bed and Breakfast there. While carrying in some of the luggage, a cash belt containing over $300 fell onto the pavement on the road.  There was no identification in the pocket and no way for us to be able to claim it, either.   We went off to drive around and enjoy the city, totally oblivious to our loss. Later on, when I checked my phone, there was a voicemail message from our host at the B&B: "I have something that belongs to you, and you're going to be mighty happy," was the message. What???  We got back to our room and there was the money belt on the bed with all the cash in it.  My husband ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping Hands In A Busy Diner

We were on the road yesterday and stopped for breakfast at a little diner where one employee - perhaps the owner - was the waiting staff, cook, and cashier!

While he was making omlettes everything else was piling up. One of the patrons got up, refilled the coffee cups and cleared the tables for him.

It was a delight to see and it gave the diner a wonderful atmosphere just to have this person get up and help rather than complain.


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My Day To Visit Someone

Today was my assigned day of the month to go visiting if there were any people from our church in the hospital. On other Fridays we haven't had anyone there for me to visit, so this was a first effort.  
Now, I'm at home in the hospital environment because I used to work in one, yet I was apprehensive about doing this.  
It was made easy for me because the sweet lady I got to visit had just had a surgery I'd had myself. Plus, she grew up in my home town, so we had lots to talk about.
I don't know if I cheered her up - but she surely cheered me up!

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