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A Schoolbag Full Of Love Makes A Difference

I must share a heart warming experience I enjoyed this week, both as a parent and a human being. My daughter, Emma (in 7th grade), started back to school last week. There is a young boy in her class (call him Jake) who is quite overweight. As you might expect  he is the butt of many jokes and is treated very badly by other kids (and even by the teachers). Jake gives the impression that he's not a nice guy, mostly because of the fact that he's constantly picked on. For several nights this week Emma came home from school upset about the fact that Jake gets picked on so much. She also mentioned that he had no school supplies as his family could not afford them. He was constantly asking to borrow paper, which just gives kids even more reason to pick on him. One night Emma was extremely upset about this situation, not only because ... Read Full Story >>

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A Humbling Experience in Receiving Random Kindness

Many of the stories that I read on HelpOthers are all about helping other people, doing acts of kindness for someone else.  Often times it's easy to forget that no matter who you are, you're not always the giver - sometimes it's we who receive that random act of kindness.  When it happens, it almost feels odd to some extent that you are on the other end - receiving vs. giving. In some way, it can be quite a humbling experience.   And so my story begins .... My daughter and I had gone into Subway one evening to get sandwiches for the two of us, plus one for my wife.  Prior to going to Subway, I had checked my bank account to make sure that I had money on my debit card.  I had moved what I thought to be several hundred dollars to my card.  Come to find out in ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness Could Be Just One Seat Away

Recently I was traveling on business and was on a long flight back home from the West to East Coast connecting through Charlotte. As I sat down in my seat (ailse seat) the women next to me extended her hand saying "Hi, I'm Eva".  I responded back and then she turned to the person next to her in the window seat and did the same thing.  I thought to myself, what a nice gesture for someone to introduce themself to the people around them.  You don't see that much. So after we took of, Eva soon pulls out all this paperwork from her bag, and starts to work very diligently.  Being a little nosey and somewhat curious, I could see that she had a stack of children profiless that looked like something you might see from Unicef or other organizations that help people around the world. I asked her what she was working ... Read Full Story >>

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A Second Chance To Help

Yesterday I was returning from Boston by bus. My wife was planning to leave work to pick me up from the the bus station. I called her to say not to bother, I would just take the local transit bus to her. This was the first time I had ever ridden the local bus system. While I was sitting on the bus a young woman with a dog got on. She was carrying several bags of heavy books. I noticed the dog was an emergency dog, one that is trained to warn the owner of a possible seizure. I heard the young women mention to someone else that she still had two miles to walk with the heavy books after she got off the bus. I thought maybe I should ask if she wanted a ride but I wasn't sure which stop she was getting off at so I hesitated and  didn't ask. The bus dropped ... Read Full Story >>

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Inspired by Kindness at the Toll Station

Has this ever happened to you? You pull up at a toll booth (in the cash only lane!) to pay for your toll and the attendant tells you that your toll has already been paid for by someone in the car in front of you!  I am happy to say that I've had this happen to me a few times - each time I sit there somewhat dumbfounded!

Today the thought hit me that toll booths are a great opportunity to use Smile Cards!  Next time your on the turnpike or the autobahn, take your smile cards with you.  When you pull up to the toll booth pay for your toll and the person behind you.  Give the attendant two smile cards - one for the attendant to spread some good, the other for the attendant to hand to the person in the car behind so that they too might have the opportunity to continue pay this act of kindness forward.

I'm going to try it the next time I go thru the toll booth just to see it in action - I'll report back!

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