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An Elderly Woman's Cry Led To This Beautiful Act Of Kindness And Connection

As I was walking around Residential care this afternoon, I heard a lot of yelling and crying coming from one of the rooms. I had actually tried to connect with this little lady a few weeks ago but she can't speak English and has dementia. A caregiver was in with her and speaking but the lady wasn't responding. I took the lady into the bathroom and she was crying and looking in the mirror. To calm her down I started to brush her hair, it was soaking. The caregiver left and I grabbed a small towel and dried her hair as well as gently rubbing her head. She just kept crying and was terribly upset. So I wrapped my arms around her, rubbed her back and hugged her. At the same time, I was talking very quietly to her and rocking her. She sobbed in my arms. When she calmed down I sat ... Read Full Story >>

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Hoku, The Little 1st Grader And Her Blue Post-it Notes

This is not a pity story, but my past weeks were filled with negativism, cruel remarks, and hopelessness and despair! I was feverishly working at my little office next to the Health Office, trying to input results from about 150 students' screenings. Little Hoku walked in: "I have a tummy ache." She said. "Okay, do you want to go to the Health Office or lie down, perhaps?".  I asked. "No, I want to sit right next to you." This was interesting, I knew Hoku.  She had to come to the Health Office everyday before lunch for her medications. Although I always spoke to her, she never replied to me. I kept working. "You know I'm a good drawer." She expressed. "I'm sure you are!" I responded. Still typing, I saw that she had "filched" my blue post-it note stack. The next thing I knew, there was a blue post-it stuck to my ... Read Full Story >>

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Family Gets On Wrong Bus, Bus Driver Then Does The Unthinkable

I was on vacation with my husband, my brother, his wife and daughter. We were not familiar with the area and hopped onto a bus, thinking it would be a nice way to see the downtown's old town area. Well, until visiting with the bus driver, we found out we were on the neighborhood route which picks up school children and delivers commuters to various neighborhood places, with a route of well over about 2 hours. That was a surprise and a concern because we had parked our vehicle in a timed parking area and it was going to expire. We shared this with the bus driver only to let her know we were not from the area and apologized for getting on her bus in error. Then she surprised us further saying, "I get off shift after a few more blocks, and if you don't mind a tight squeeze in ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by PositivePower
  • May 9, 2017
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