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Bystander No More

I was with my oldest son and we were on the lookout for an open parking space in our jam-packed shopping center. We spotted a perfect one in the next row of spaces, and I manouvered our van around the turn, all the while hoping no one else would spot it and grab it before I could. And, as luck would have it, a lady was wheeling her shopping cart right in front of us, and it looked like it was getting away from her - crammed with bags and cartons of soda underneath. She herself was carrying three extra bags in her hands while trying to push the cart against a strong spring wind, and looked frazzled. She noticed us and I could tell she was trying to move over to the side so we could pass. At that moment, some of the lighter ... Read Full Story >>

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Family Kindness Journal

Last month I started a family kindness journal. Every day each member in the family must write down the good deed that they did that day. It is amazing to see how far my children's deeds have come.

At first they helped the teacher or shared school supplies, but it has progressed to wonderful things I never imagined.

For example there is a boy my son has not gotten along with since the first day of school. My son came home and told me his good deed for the day was to make friends with this boy.

I said, “What possessed you to be friends with someone who has been mean to you all year?”

His response? “I gave it a lot of thought and realized he was lonely and didn't know how to make friends, and that was why he was mean.”

This boy has had quite an attitude adjustment (no longer hitting and calling names) and has been welcomed into my son's group of friends.

Some deeds are big some are small, but the point is for us to think of other people.

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A Little Girl with a Mission

My 7 year old daughter collected money for 2 years in a piggy bank.

Recently we went on vacation and raided her bank for a total of 160 dollars. We spent 20$ on vacation.

When we got back, she saw a commercial about the hungry children in Africa and decided she wanted to donate the rest of her money to kids that really needed it. She felt that instead of spending the money on toys and gifts that her money would be better spent on saving children's lives.

If only we could all think that way!!

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A Little Red Book

When you buy things with money, you feel like its owed to you. But when you receive something as an offering from someone else, the gift is a reminder of something bigger than yourself and you are filled with a humble reverance for all life. Well, this is a story of one of those gifts. In our middle-class living room, we have three shelves of books. We call it the "open source" bookshelf because any of our guests can take any book and contribute any book to it. No one tracks it; it's all based on trust, even though our home hosts many events with hundreds of different people passing through it. These books are typically of the broader inspiration genre -- there's the general Chicken-Soup-For-Everyone books, self-help books like Power of Now, fictional masterpieces like Siddhartha, sacred texts like the Bible, Koran, the Dhammapada, and Gita, many biographies of ... Read Full Story >>

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My children, Claire and Jordan, were 8 and 9 years old. It was a really hard year for us, and our five kids were told not to expect presents at Christmas time. These two (the youngest of 5) went into the woods and cut small logs and branches and made 'twig reindeer,' which they sold in the town. Together, they earned $300. But the wonderful thing was, even though they weren't expecting any Christmas themselves, they donated every penny to Compassion International to help orphans have a happy holiday, because Jordan and Claire had a loving family... and that was enough!

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  • May 8, 2006
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Making Another Kid's Day

I was at Chuck E. Cheese's with my mom and my younger brother during the Thanksgiving holiday and I was getting a lot of tickets playing the games there. While I was playing this one game, there was a kid who won 10 tickets but he didn't get them because the game was broken. He looked really sad so I gave him twenty of my tickets to make up for the tickets he lost and then some. I think that kindness really made his day.

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As i was shopping a lady fainted so i went to her and helped her and took her to the hospital. I stayed overnight with her as she wanted me to, she ended up passing away in the middle of night. I did everything I could even though i didn't know her. I still miss her to this day she was in her 70s.

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Just Another Day At Work

I am going to inlist all of my employees to start a revolution of kindness. I am going to pass out the smile cards during our next all office meeting.

I had someone perform an act of kindness that I would consider a miracle. I was the only sibling unable to attend my brothers wedding out of town because financially It would not be feasible because I am rasing six children on my own.

Anyway, one of the physicians I worked for shared my "poor me" story with a family member and a week later just days before the wedding a stranger showed up with a card and $500.00 that said pack your bags and be with your family.

Now I realize this was an amazingly generous act but it will never be forgotten and I will tell it forever and encourage as many people as I can to do something nice for a stranger!

Keep up the smiles!!

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Christmas With My Son

I have a five year old son and two 18 month old twins and especially at Christmas time I wanted them to truely understand what the act of giving was all about. So I made a list of people that were less likely to recieve gifts or love and let my five year old chose who we would give gifts to.

He chose homeless people. We purchased some large inexpensive gift bags and filled them with canned goods, used warm socks, new toothbrushes, bars of soap, candy bars, and many other surprises, but to my surprise my son came in with his piggy bank and said they could have his money. We filled several plastic bags with coins and I slipped in a few dollar bills, and we put all the bags in the trunk of the car.

It was several days before we saw a homeless person pushing a cart down the main blvd. and fortunately my son was with me and we pulled over and gave the bag to a man who started to cry when we wished him Merry Christmas. I have never forgotten the look of gratitude on his face and neither has my son.

We have now done this for three years on my sons request.

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Free Lunch

While waiting for a doctor's appointment, I decided to go into the coffee shop for a soda. The only other customer was an elderly woman eating a small lunch at a nearby table. When I paid for my drink I told the cashier that I would like to pay for the lady's lunch.

By coincidence, when I was waiting for the elevator after my appointment, the lady came down the hallway. She said, "Oh, you're the nice lady who bought my lunch. My husband died last year, and I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself. It perked me up when the waiter told me you had paid for my lunch. Thank you...You're so kind."

So my "random" act was not anonymous anymore, but it was gratifying to think that I could cheer someone up, even briefly.

I do have one regret. I wish I had asked her to join me. She probably would have appreciated that even more, but then again, maybe not. Sometimes people aren't ready to connect with a stranger, but they like reminders that the world can still be a friendly place.

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Big Quarters

Whenever I pass by an Elementary schoolyard, I pull any loose coins (especially Quarters) that I have in my pocket and pitch them over the fence, by the swing sets or sliding boards. As a small child it was a thrill to me to find a lost coin laying on the ground, (especially something as BIG as a Quarter!) and I enjoy the idea that I'm passing that excitement on to another small child.

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One Size Fits All

We were recently at a concert. The young artists were playing their hearts out but unfortunately, the audience was largely empty. Moved by the artists, my wife felt we ought to do something to support them. Something, anything. The guy next to us, an Italian youngster named Arthur, had become our friend in applause. We just knew that he felt the same way, because at the end of the concert, all three of us stood up to give our own version of a standing ovation for these budding artists. After the concert, we go outside to the front desk and ask the little girl behind the CD-counter. "What is your favorite item? This t-shirt or this CD or this card?" The little girl was also part of the ten-person band; she was the daughter of the lead singer. A little shy, she shrugs her shoulder with ... Read Full Story >>

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Smiles & Kleenex

I have to say, before I read any of the stories, I need to get a Kleenex at the ready. Almost every story I read touches me, and tears slip--not the sad tears, but tears of that 'touch'.

I can't wait to get my cards and pass along the smiles. Thank you.

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The Karma of Kindness

My wife and I were at the bookstore the other day and we were helped by a young woman in finding a book, and something about this woman just told me she needed to get tagged! So my wife wrote a beautiful note addressed "To the woman in the light green sweater and curly, brown hair" with a quote that said "Sometimes our joy is the reason for our smile, and sometimes our smile is the reason for our joy," along with a small box of Godiva chocolates ... We gave it to another employee who read the whole thing and left it for her to come back to. Now they say that in giving we receive, and maybe it was a coincidence, but minutes later, I ran into one of my best friends from high school, who I hadn't seen for about a decade!

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1st Random Act of Kindness

Well, today I performed my first random kindness act. I paid for the car behind me in Mcdonalds.

I was a little embarassed at first, and I didn't have my smile cards with me so I asked the clerk to give them one of the pages I printed out of your IDEAS.

The couple smiled and he yelled "thank you" to me ... it was a wonderful feeling.

I'm sure I won't be as embarassed next time. :)

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Received a Smile Card

I'm a 38 yr.old woman with 4 kids battling stage 4 breast cancer. I was out to eat with my family last weekend and we were ready to pay the bill. Inside the folder wasn't the bill, but a smile card. Our dinner was paid for by a generous soul!!

We felt so blessed by how God used someone to care for us! We can't wait to pass on the kindness.

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A Kindness Lesson in Action at Dinner

I love to do the random things like pay for the person behind me in the fast food drive thru....  This week after church we decided to go out to eat with our kids in tow. Our family consists of 6 children, some adopted. We went to a local restaurant. We were seated next to a family of 4 children, and I noticed the young mother had a bandana on her head and appeared to have a hair loss issue, it immediatly touched my heart. I told my husband I want to pay their bill. He looked around, I think he was looking for a lonely person in the corner, then I pointed to the family next to us. When he did a head count I thought he was going to have a heart attack. Our income is stretched as it was and here I am suggesting we pay for another bill. After ... Read Full Story >>

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Not so Random Act of of Kindness

I have started sending gift certificates and other small things to people that I read about in the paper who are making a difference in our community. I send one out a month, all I can afford.

Just today I sent off a Borders gift card to a principle at a local school who is making a difference to the kids there.

Completely anonymous of course!

And with strict instructions that the gift card is for them and should not be funnelled back into their organization. I include a personal note that tells them how much they are appreciated in what they do. I love the stealth thing. Even my husband doesn't know!

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London Cabbie's Payment-in-Kind!

Last week, I was running a little late on my way to my first day at a new job in East London. I had injured my achilles heal a couple of days before and didn't want to put too much pressure on it by running to the tube station so I decided to jump in a cab just to get to the station. The cab driver was really warm and friendly and happened to ask me where I was off to. So, I told him how I was on my way to start a new job and was running a little late to get to the tube station. En route, about half way there, he realized that the road was closed ahead and told me that as a result this is as far as he'll be able to take me. Of course I said no ... Read Full Story >>

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Beggar and a Kid

Thomas Carlyle, the distinguished Victorian writer, was just six years old, when a beggar, wrinkled with age knocked at his door. The old man’s state - his tattered clothes, his bent back and his shaky hands moved little Thomas. "Please wait!" he said to the stranger, before he rushed to his room.

He was back in a minute, breathless. In his hand, he carried a little piggy bank into which he had safely put away the precious pennies and shillings given to him, from time to time. Wordlessly, he emptied the contents of the piggy bank into the grateful hands of the old man. A beautiful toothless smile was flashed at the little boy.

Recounting this incident, Carlyle said, "I cannot recall anything that gave me so much pleasure as this simple act of selfless service!"

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